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A Pardism too far

Filed: Monday, 11th December 2006
By: Tross

ďThatís not the sort of team I like to put out, if ever there is an examination of your togetherness your spirit and your character, its the way Bolton playĒÖÖAlan Pardew's post match statement after the home defeat to Wigan and prior to the now final game of his managerial reign which saw a gutless West Ham side go down 4-0 at the Reebok.

Well based on your own rhetoric Alan, perhaps finally you now sadly face the issues that we, the West Ham faithful have been screaming at you for months. Unfortunately it is too late for you to put right, and the only person you can blame for this situation is yourself.

I still believe that Alan Pardew will become a great manager in years to come.

Once the dust has settled and he has had time to reflect, he will surely recognise where he made his mistakes. What vexes me so much is that deep down he must have known what the right thing to do was. I will not accept that he was no more than a one trick pony.

Why oh why didnít he drop Nigel Reo-Coker. He was your captain Pards, and also the catalyst of your problems. Konch was the next name on the list. He along with Reo-Coker has been appalling this season. The blasť approach you took when allowing an injured Yossi Benayoun to attend internationals whilst injured was another sign of weakness that surprised me. The awarding of a four-year extended contract to a mediocre midfielder in Hayden Mullins when the club is in dire straights was sheer lunacy. What the hell was your mind focussed on?

The decision to back- not sack - Shaun Newton was another mistake, as was not taking a hard public stand and fining the arse off of Roy Carroll and Anton Ferdinand after their off-field antics. And yet Tevez throws a tantrum and shows a bit of passion after being substituted and he is paraded around the media as though it were the second coming of Christ. The mollycoddling and pandering to players, any players, has always been a sure fire recipe for disaster - and you have ultimately paid the price.

It would appear that after an impressive season last year, you began to believe in your own hype. Belief is indeed a powerful thing, but it is not belief alone that defines success in the modern game. In football management, as in life, mistakes are made, but learning from them, accepting your own, and changing your actions accordingly is what defines your success.

The warning bells were sounding. You refused to hear them. The warning lights were flashing, you refused to see them. We the West Ham faithful backed you to the last, you can have no complaint as to the level of our support.

Is there sympathy for you, amongst many of the more romantic amongst us? I am sure there is; personally, I have none. You have given us an FA Cup Final and for that, I will always be grateful, but the stubbornness of your approach to this season not only beggared belief but leaves me cold with anger. You could have been the best manager we ever had Pards, you had it all within your grasp, and yet you didnít have the balls to do what had to be done. Itís so bloody disappointing.

On dark days such as these, in troubled times, it is hard sometimes to find a positive.

What I believe this club needs now is leadership and pride restored. An experienced head is called for to lead. This season has shown us to be little more than a squad of passionless spineless boys, who prefer to style themselves more on gangster rappers rather than their worthy forbears, Messrs Moore, Brooking and Bonds.

Where will the grit needed to salvage this season come from? Who will step up and roll up there sleeves for the claret & blue? A played in position Lee Bowyer perhaps? George McCartney as first choice left back?

What a headache....!

The behaviour of the majority of this squad is out of control. I see no more than a bunch of overpaid degenerates disgracing the badge and name of my small - but great - club. A family club, whose players now binge on cocaine, who fight in the street, who behave in a manner which is both pompous, arrogant and downright disgusting in public. Wrong, wrong wrong.

This situation has spiralled out of control, like a cancer, and the only way to cure it, just as with cancer, is to cut it out. If itís not cut out, then the patient, my club, could die. It was diagnosed months ago, but no action has been taken. Why? Because the surgeon in question, our former manager Mr Alan Pardew, had decided to busy himself with the events he couldnít control rather than taking action towards the one he could.

Thank god for The Iceman. There is no doubt in my mind that Brown would have remained spineless to the last. Perhaps the ripple from this wave will now go out across this squad that it stops right here, right now. The gravy train has docked and it ainít sailing again this season. As for you laid back couldnít give a damn attitudes, well they no longer can be tolerated, and thatís straight from the top. If you donít like it, then its goodbye from us.

So good luck Alan Pardew, I can find it in myself to wish you that, but little else I am afraid. Times are changing at West Ham. This truly is a period of transition. If the potential we all have spoken of for decades around this club is to be realised, the time is now. New presidents have to be made, new rules put in place, new standards set and new targets achieved. Excuses are for the team that loses, and I donít want to hear any more of them this season.

The clock has been reset. The season starts here.

Forever Blowing Bubbles.

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