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The same old mistakes

Filed: Thursday, 30th August 2012
By: Dan Ordidge

After the Swansea game I was left feeling confused, as I had previously written in my last article I genuinely thought we had a chance to at least come back through the border with a point.

We started brightly, and for the first 20 or so minutes we controlled Swansea, we pressed them, not letting them have time on the ball and when we gained possession we managed to work the ball well. But alas, our old ways came back to haunt us in the form of defensive mistakes!

I will never forget the mistakes that we made in that fateful season with Avram when we were relegated into the abyss of the Championship. At times in the Swansea game I felt like it was that season all over again. Don’t get me wrong, I do not blame individual players for mistakes that lead to goals, I believe it’s the team that makes mistakes.

During the Swansea game it looked like the back line weren’t switched on, the communication between the players was poor and once Jussi Jaaskelainen spilled the ball into the net (even though it was not technically classed as an own goal) the team tactics seemed to go out the window, and pardon the phrase, it all went a bit Pete Tong.

Then Collins popped up, who had a fantastic debut and mis-guided a horrible ball towards the keeper only to be latched onto by Michu. I talked about Michu in my last article, a fantastic bit of talent and is a brilliant signing for Swansea, when that goal went in I felt like I had just eaten my own words, and it tasted bitter!

These were the types of mistakes that were made in seasons gone by, along with giving away goals in the final few minutes and it needs addressing. In the top flight clubs can make you pay dear for silly little mistakes, and they will not go easy on us. Every point matters and it is going to be a tough season, without those mistakes we could have come out with something.

The performance against Crewe was to be expected playing a League One team, they were never going to test the defence’s weaknesses, and a lot of the regular players were rested. So in my opinion we can’t take that result as a confidence booster for the team. The real test will of course be Fulham on Saturday.

A lot of fans have also commented on the lack of danger that we possessed going forward against Swansea, it was a hard game for Cole, who received a poor service throughout the game and was left an uphill task to form the simplest of attacks. Furthermore Jarvis was phased out of the game completely, and that was good tactics on Swansea’s part, they knew his pace and skill along with his lethal crosses would be our main goal threat along with set pieces.

The reaction by a fan on that ‘Twitter’ thing to Cole was repulsive I must say, to treat a player who has been loyal to us in such a racist way really annoyed me. For those readers who use it, be supportive to the players, because at the end of the day they play to get us the points, if they don’t play they still get paid so let’s give them that reason to play for the points, for us the fans!

So now is the time to look toward the Boleyn on Saturday and the appearance of Fulham on our holy turf. Fulham started the season well with a 5-0 thrashing of Norwich; the absence of Dembele could make a big impact on the team, but with players like Sidwell and the old favourite Duff who has started the season well it will be a hard game.

Fulham look good going forward, especially when they played Manchester United despite losing. This a game when we will have to put the mistakes me made against Swansea behind us and move on, the quicker we can achieve this harmony at the back the better we will do. If we play defensively like Hurricane Isaac is approaching the ground like we did in Swansea we will be in big trouble.

I believe we could achieve three points; we play better at home, the roar of the terraces pumping adrenaline through the player’s bodies. But this achievement will not come easy, things need to be corrected but if we get behind the squad, like any match of our beloved beautiful game, anything can happen.

If you are attending the match, have your voice in good pitch and your heart on your sleeve! The transfer window nears its end and this is our squad and our chance for the three points.

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