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Brighton’s Tony Bloom Is A Talented Poker Player

Filed: Tuesday, 19th September 2017
By: Staff Writer #3

Who would have thought that the chairman of Brighton, Tony Bloom is a world-class player?

Apparently, the investor behind the team learned how to gamble at the Poker table. And it seems that he learned a lot of things there. He earned the funds needed for the club and he used them as a punt for his best business: Brighton.

The business of soccer

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Back in 2009 Tony Bloom became chairman. And ever since he continued to invest in the club. Many people warned him that he would lose his money and Tony also seemed aware that there will be loses: “I also knew that, until we got to the Premier League, there would be substantial losses every year with no guarantee you would get there.”. However, he had a goal: “The dream when we built the stadium, and this facility as a training ground, was to be in the Premier League.” he declared.

Tony Bloom pumped almost £250 for Chris Hughton’s team. He payed for a stadium, player wages, transfer fees and training ground. “All the money I was putting into the club prior was pretty much worthless if we didn’t get planning. Getting the planning was a magnificent time in our history. But I knew that the majority of the money needed to put into the new stadium, I would have to put in.” he said. Luckily, he had the funds and last season his dream finally came true: the team won Premier League promotion. Brighton now prepares to face Manchester City in the opener and they payed a small fortune for new players.

A poker legend

While Tony Bloom is the name used as the chairman of Brighton, it appears that as a world-class poker player he was known under another name: “The Lizard”. He received this nickname because of its cold blood and it as it turns out, it was a lucky nickname for him.

Word Series existed before Brighton for Bloom. Without the seven-figure sum won on the World Tour he would have never been able to invest in the team of Christ Hughton.

Back in 1997 Bloom wasn’t even able to show up for a tense game at Hereford in the Footbal League. He said that “I was in Las Vegas playing poker, because it was the World Series then. I phoned up my grandparents and asked them to put the phone next to the radio. Listening to that game was pretty tense.”

Poker helped Tony Bloom become the successful businessman that he is today. It taught him how to punt, when to risk and how to win money. And you can join his world too; click here to play a round and try your hand, one day you may be the chairman of a club as well.

Tony Bloom is now a successful businessman, celebrating Brighton’s promotion to the Premier League, a dream come true. And this is just the beginning for him and his team.

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