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Next level? Count me out

Filed: Tuesday, 7th November 2017
By: Jamie Norwood

As expected, Slaven Bilic has finally been relieved of his duties. The board even had to drag that process out, I mean just put the poor guy out of his misery.

In their statement released on the official website this morning they stated: "During the summer, the Board invested heavily signing the players Slaven believed would complete the squad he needed to push the Club back towards the level we had reached in his first season."

Even when he is gone, they are still throwing him under the bus. The board invested ‘heavily’ they claim. Not quite true is it?

The net spend was £17m which these days, with the TV money, new stadium, 50,000 season tickets, is not a big investment. If you want to include the January transfer window where we sold Payet for £25m, then that figure would look even worse.

“As custodians of the Football Club it is our responsibility as a Board to do what is best for West Ham United, and we believe a change is now necessary to ensure we can begin to move the team back in the right direction.

"We see this as an exciting opportunity to appoint a quality manager to the position to inject fresh ideas, organisation and enthusiasm into a very talented squad."

Ah ok…. we must be bringing in a really good manager who can take us to the ‘next level’. Hang on. ‘West Ham close to appointing David Moyes as next manager’? I had to double check the date when these reports first emerged, was it April 1st?

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Those reports were true and I can’t quite believe it, even for this board who have constantly underwhelmed ever since they took over in 2010. This is a manager who relegated Sunderland and was called the worst manager in the history of Real Sociedad.

When in charge of Sunderland for 43 games, he lost 28 of those matches, with a win percentage of 18 per cent. Not only did have a dismal record, but also reports of clashes with players and staff.

He was also charged by the FA for a sexist remark, I wonder how our ‘own’ ‘Lady Brady’ feels about that? If I remember rightly she was very vocal about that incident at the time. It’s a disgrace that he is even under consideration.

Once again they are choosing the cheapest option available.

Going back to 2010 when this wonderful journey started, Mr Gold and Mr Sullivan posted a ‘ten point pledge’ on the official site. Let me just pick out one of the main points from that ‘pledge’…

"- Listen to supporters
Arguably the most important of all is our commitment to listen to what you have to say. We know we are just the custodians of this club. You who follow us every week, whether near or far, are the true owners."

Well they have failed that one for a start. You only have to look at the reaction since the David Moyes news came about and that he was under consideration to be our new manager. They couldn’t be further out of touch with the fans if they think this is a good idea.

The divide between the owners and the fans is big enough, this is just going to make it worse. Ive seen plans of protests and boycotting and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it all if it all turned pretty ugly.

I thought moving to the new stadium was about going to the ‘next level’. Well if that next level is David Moyes, you can count me out.

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