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Bring on VAR, please

Filed: Monday, 15th April 2019
By: Paul Walker

I had never really been a fan of VAR, it just looks like another referee somewhere away from the stadium, able to make mistakes.

Little I have seen convinces me. In particular the time it all takes, as well as the move away from what I thought was going to be "clear and obvious mistakes" only.

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And I have never accepted that it is right to have different levels of refereeing technology used in the same competition, as has happened with the FA and League Cups this season. Thatís unfair.

But watching in resignation and shock in equal portions at Old Trafford on Saturday, VAR cannot come quick enough.

I have a theory. It should only be introduced next season at Old Trafford, nowhere else. That would mean Manchester Unitedís matches would be under intense scrutiny for a change, and by the end of the campaign the ridiculous imbalance they benefit from with officials at OT will have evened itself out a bit.

I mean, they have had 12 penalties this season, more than anyone else in the top flight. Even Liverpool with serial offender Mo Salah in the side, have only had six... I believe West Ham have had two.

Itís hard to know where to start with the level of our injustice and refereeing incompetence.

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Letís start with Steve McManaman, by far the worse ex-player pundit on TV. He should never be allowed near a microphone again after claiming that Robert Snodgrass intentionally ducked his head into Paul Pogbaís book.

Sometimes you canít make it up. Pogba should have been booked, minimum.

Their first penalty was highly debatable. It looked like shoulder-to-shoulder. And you have to ask yourself whether we would have got a penalty at the other end from referee Graham Scott in a similar incident? Of course not.

Felipe Anderson was onside when the ball was played into him for the disallowed goal. The lino only flagged when the Brazilian actually received the ball. Then the same lino failed to see Phil Jones dragging Manu Lanzini back by his shirt in the box.

As for their winning penalty, there was definitely a touch on from Marcus Rashford in the build-up from an offside position.

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That ruined a great performance, the best I have seen there in years - and because I live just round the corner these days, it is my closest away day, so I have witnessed all the fives, sixes and sevens.

Nearly 58 per cent possession, 18 shots and 417 passes. But still they got away with it.

Anderson on the big stage had a fine game, Declan Rice was all over Paul Pogba, Arthur had his best game of the season and I wish Michail Antonio could be given a run as the main striker.

He may lack a level of technique that Chicharito has, but heís a monster of a player and he has the strength and pace to scare the life out of teams. He could easily have had a couple here.

And then thereís the Man United fans. Self-indulgent entitlement everywhere you look. And those two Brummies on the packed train coming home, Man United fans obviously, who didnít reckon Rice had a good game. What were they watching?

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The rumblings from our fans were obvious. Why canít we play with this pace, intelligence and intensity every week? Itís still only three wins in our last 13, but if they keep playing like that we may yet snatch seventh.

Beating Leicester, on Saturday, will be our last chance of that. They are five points ahead of us at the moment in seventh, so nothing short of a victory will do. Just play it again, lads.

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