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Arsene: Vieira not guilty

Filed: Wednesday, 27th October 1999
By: Chris Tye

Arsene Wenger today named 93 year old Bert Smith, landlord of the Dog and Duck between 1945 and 1967 as being 'at least as responsible for the Vieira spitting incident as Patrick himself'.

Wenger has produced documentary evidence, video footage, survelliance and tapped telephone calls to support his claim, and has urged the Home Secretary to 'Stop this madness before it's too late'.

The cause of the Vieira spitting incident occurred during 1945, when Bert, then a young landlord of the pub, allowed Mr George Ruddock, grandfather of the footballer Neil, to drink in his Pub when 2 days under the legal age for drinking of 18. While drinking illegally, Arsene alleges, George met his future wife and they were married 2 years later. Wenger states that he has evidence to support this claim, and the existence of the marriage 2 years later. George Ruddock enjoyed a happy marriage and produced a son, Arthur. The initial crime was exacerbated with 'bare faced abandon' alleges Arsene, when the Ruddock family celebrated Arthurs birth and Christening in the same establishment. As a young man Arthur Ruddock enjoyed several nights drinking in the Dog and Duck and Arsene has a photograph of Arthur, his father and landlord Bert enjoying the World Cup final in 1966 in that very venue.

Soon Arthur married, and out of that marriage a son, Neil, centre of the spitting incident, or 'criminal provocation of Patrick incident', as Wenger prefers to call it was born. Neil became a professional footballer, and was playing for West Ham United during the incident in question.

During this match, Arsene claims, Ruddock was standing nearby when the spitting occurred, and 'provoked, caused and did everything in his power to induce Patrick to clear his throat in his direction'. Such provocation, which clears Vieira from any blame, would not have occurred had Bert, not 'criminally and negligently allowed Neil's grandfather to drink in his pub, causing him to meet his future wife and Neil's grandmother, and causing a chain of events ending with the birth of Neil, the footballer'

Arsene concludes that he has proven that the Vieira incident was caused by illegal act, that Patrick was thus utterly innocent, and that Bert should face criminal prosecution and be banned from attending football matches.

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