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Havin' It !

Filed: Monday, 14th June 1999
By: Dan O`Rourke

'Havin it in Ibiza, Yeah!!

Well I wasn't really having it, more lounging it poolside and taking time out from what recently has been my somewhat quiet life.

I've spent one really cool week, just hanging out with a friend who knows about as much about football as I know about netball - namely not much (particularly as the only football game she's ever been to involved Arsenal), so to be back in the land of the great game and the land of football speculation is surprisingly good.

Anyhow, I spent most of my week in the various bars of the havin' it island and conducted my own little who's supporting who survey. This involved randomly spotting footie tops strolling past the bar/restuarant I was sat in. Needless to say I saw so many manure tops it was funny (no old school or grey ones mind). However, the population of Northerners V Southerners was most one sided; I think I talked to about four people south of Cambridge. There were some noticable results in the Ibiza football top challenge; a big shout to the geezer at Gatwick airport in his Chester City top. I had to stalk him for about twenty minutes before I could work out what top it was.

The week was also nicely divided between Scousers - far too many Liverpool tops in the first 3-4 days (although none with Ince or the number 20). The latter half of the week gave way to the Everton Massive. I spotted one Hammers hat ( in Ibiza town) and an ecru top somewhere in the north of the Island. There was a jumper seen walking off into the sunset midway throught the week and I was congratulated for wearing [my] West Ham shorts by a mother and her daughter during one of my many beach side walks. This nicely drew balance with being called sad for wearing the very same shorts earlier in the week.

The Man City boys didn't really do themselves proud; I only spotted three on the last night, but there were some good cameo roles from Ibiza's many English sun seekers; a young girl in a Pompey top,a young lad in a Huddersfield town top and one newly promoted Bradford City shirt was seen lording it on the beach. Bobby Lower Bobby might be pleased to note I saw the sum total of zero Tottenham tops/shorts/any thing, so his preaching in the Loughton area must be working. No f-word tops either, shame!

Right then, I'm off to read Teletext to see if we've signed Lord Archer or the Archbishop of Canterbury, because I've read so many names recently I think we'll need divine intervention to pay the wage bill.

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