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Promise much, deliver little

Filed: Thursday, 28th October 1999
By: Dan O`Rourke

I've been thinking, yes even I do it sometimes. I can't believe our European dream is over; I cannot believe we created so many chances and failed to score. I also cannot believe how bad the game at Stamford Bridge was last Sunday. I knew I'd regret not going to Romania, I only hope now it is not another 18 years until we have a European night at the Boleyn.

What a fantastic atmosphere there was in the stadium, proper noise and singing - I wish all our games had that kind of atmosphere and a result that deserved the effort we, the supporters had put in. I'm sure Steaua will never face an onslaught like that again, it was amazing. I don't think I've been so deflated either. I, like probably every other fan was really getting into European footie - now I suppose I'll have to take to watching football Italia on Sundays again.

I can't be arsed to talk about how many 1-0 defeats we have had this year and why we always lose to Leeds. Our 1-1 draw with Sunderland was quite an entertaining afternoon, it was perhaps the warm up to the Steaua game, again a truck load of chances, all bar one wasted. I thought Sinclair was superb in this game only after he had been asulted by Schwartz. I've offered to punch him since but he has either not heard me or chosen to ignore my sober rambling.

I think if you were pissed at the Chelsea game, it would have sent you to sleep. My first ever trip to Stamford Bridge and probably my last going by that performance, only really a few things to/of note. Firstly I thought Margas was having a really good game and was unlucky to be sent off. I thought Deschamps clearly cheated the ref and Margas. Secondly, why can no one shoot? What upset me more than the lack of shooting was Wanchope. I thought he had a good game against Steaua and against Chelsea he won the ball quite a lot, but he cannot and it seems will not do the simple things, that is to say pass and shoot. Many Hammers are beginning to get on his back; hopefully he will sort it. The highlight of the day was the special song for Graeme 'sex case' Rix, to the tune of "One man went to mow"... "1 kid went to bed, went to bed with Rixy, one kid and her teddy bear went to bed with Rixy, 2 kids...." comedy genius, all the way.

Apart from beating the Arsenal, which is about the only thing keeping me going at the moment, I've been thinking about the points we lost last year to the relegated teams. At least this year we haven't got to go up to Ewood Park and get beaten. Last season we took only 7 points from a possible 18 against relegated opposition. We already have 7 points from promoted opposition this year and this includes an away win, God forbid. We have Watford and Sunderland away and Bradford at home to come, dare I say we can take more than 3 points from this lot this year. I'm quite looking forward to seeing the Stadium of Light and perhaps another classic Hammers away victory.

I suppose a quick mention to saturday's game, the one where England beat Scotland! I watched it in very surreal circumstances in Henley on Thames - all very odd, it looks good for us English Hammers, even if half the England team is full of what I consider has-beens and red no-hopers.

Well we have Sheffield Wednesday on Sunday and then Liverpool at home on the sunday after; lets hope we can see some shooting and a couple of good results.

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