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Happy Days

Filed: Wednesday, 18th August 1999
By: Graeme Howlett

It's been a good week to be a West Ham United supporter.

First of all that excellent win in Holland, courtesy of big Wanchope's first competitive goal. Then - probably the best result of the week - the reduction of ticket prices for Tuesdays Intertoto final versus Metz. Finally, yesterdays impressive victory over the hapless Spurs at Upton Park. Oh yeh, nearly forgot - the signing of Psycho Pearce.

So what about that one ? I, like many others was a little less than overwhelmed when Harry announced Pearcey as the big new signing last week. To be fair, Pearcey looked a little embarrassed by it too - anyone see the photo in the programme yesterday ? 37 years old and told by Ruud he had no future at Newcastle - what were we letting ourselves in for ?

Well anybody who saw him in action at the Boleyn yesterday can't have failed to be impressed. Yes, maybe he was a little slower than a few years ago. But what a bloody performance ! He won everything in the air (and on the floor come to think of it) and his passing ability certainly hasn't been lost. Off the ball too he was an inspiration, constantly barking orders and encouraging the troops when under the cosh. It really was one of the most impressive debuts I've had the pleasure to witness.

Well done Harry. Once again, another shrewd bit of business ...

Board Games

This week the club announced that ticket prices for Tuesdays Intertoto final first leg at Upton Park were to be reduced, following much pressure from the fans. After burying their heads in the sand and refusing to budge for the last two rounds Brown & co. have finally come to their senses and reduced prices to £15 for the East and West stands, and an Ayrton for the Bobby and Centenary stands (£5 for the wee 'uns).

All I can do is applaud this decision. It's too easy to criticise the board at times (as I've been reminded this week - thanks MW for your mail) but fair play to them on this issue. They could have stood stubbornly by their original full price policy but have apparently bowed down to public demand. And that can only be good for everyone involved with West Ham.

Now, how about some of the money from the Berkovic sale for a new centre-back ...

Pearce (Ian)

Shocking news about Pearcey following his injury in the big derby yesterday. Sources suggest that the big fella could miss several months of the season following extensive damage to his knee cartiledge.

I'm sure you would all join me in wishing Ian a speedy recovery. He'll certainly be missed.

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