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Matt Jansen ...

Filed: Tuesday, 28th December 1999
By: Graeme Howlett

... is up for sale. New Blackburn boss Tony Parkes is looking to offload the striker for a fee similar to the £4.3m they paid Crystal Palace a year or so ago.

Two words Harry. BUY NOW ...

I've followed the progress of this lad since he was first linked with us whilst still at Carlisle, and he is one of the few real goalscoring prospects in England at the moment. Skillful, with a frightening turn of pace and a knack for scoring spectacular goals Palace bought him for £1m, then sold him to Blackburn less than a year later for £4.3m.

I wouldn't like to bet aginst his next transfer fee being in the £10m region. Rumour has it that Leeds and Liverpool are 'monitoring his situation closely'.

If we could get him for somewhere in the region of £3.5m I think we'd have struck a real bargain. Harry has publicly stated that he is not looking to improve his strikeforce, but as anyone with half a brain will realise we're desperately short in that department right now.

And I'm pretty sure he hasn't played in the Worthington Cup this season either ...

What really happened

(thanks to a Villa supporting friend of mine)

Overheard by an anonymous fan two minutes prior to kick off, West Ham United v Aston Villa, Worthington Cup quarter-final ...

M.Omoyinmi - "Guv"
H.Redknapp - "Not now Manny"
M.Omoyinmi - "Guv"
H.Redknapp - "Manny, not now !!"
M.Omoyinmi - "But Guv, it's important"
H.Redknapp - "Look Manny !! You're starting on the bench and I'll try to give you a run out"
M.Omoyinmi - "No Guv, I've just remembered something"

The teams run out onto the pitch ...

H.Redknapp - "Manny, you're really pissing me off !! The game's about to start and I still haven't cut up the oranges"

They sit on the bench together ...

M.Omoyinmi - "Guv !!"
H.Redknapp - "WHAT ?"
M.Omoyinmi - "It's about Worthingtons"
H.Redknapp - "Yes, I know you've got a drink problem, but so has the rest of the team. Apart from Rio who ... well we all know Rio likes a bit of Spice ..."
M.Omoyinmi - "No...The Worthington Cup.....I think I've played in it before"
H.Redknapp - "YES, YOU HAVE...last season. We went out to Northampton remember ?!?"
M.Omoyinmi - "No..you don't understand..."
H.Redknapp - "MANNY !! Shut Up !! We've kicked off and I'm trying to concentrate. Whatever it is you're going on about, you should have said to me earlier. NOT NOW!! Just watch the bloody game"
M.Omoyinmi - (Sighs) "Ok then Guv"

So now you know ...

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