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Articles by Kit Robinson

Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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Is it time for the BBC to discontinue their coverage of football?
Friday, 28th October 2016
by Kit Robinson
''The rights of the vast majority of live televised men’s football matches are claimed between Sky and BT Sport whilst commercial radio stations are able to commentate on live football. ..''

Not the same as Hillsborough, but nearly
Thursday, 12th May 2016
by Kit Robinson
''With headlines of 'Carnage' in the media, the attack on the Manchester United bus prior to the last match that West Ham United would play at the Boleyn Ground, overshadowed what was a brilliant send off and an amazing game and celebration. ..''

The Olympic Stadium and the fan paradox
Friday, 22nd March 2013
by Kit Robinson
''Well, the announcement of the move to the Olympic Stadium has been made - and the move is on. ..''

Our own worst enemy
Monday, 26th November 2012
by Kit Robinson
''So, another defeat at White Hart Lane and some more abusive chanting from West Ham fans. What is the effect of such behaviour upon the other West Ham fans, the performance of the team, the public perception of the club? Is there a financial knock on effect to the club and the fans because of this behaviour?..''

It's better to travel
Thursday, 15th November 2012
by Kit Robinson
''Newcastle United Football Club have an arrangement with local transport to get all fans to the ground for £10 a season. What would be the chances of such a system being implemented between West Ham United and Transport for London or maybe TFL and other or all London clubs?..''

That good ol' West Ham way
Wednesday, 6th July 2011
by Kit Robinson
''So what is it, the West Ham way? Were West Ham ever this slick, great passing side that many of our fans believe we are? Is it a myth? Or are we living in a parallel footballing universe?..''

Are you SPL in disguise?
Tuesday, 24th August 2010
by Kit Robinson
''Six days into the Premier League season and you could be forgiven for thinking that it was the end of the season as far as the top four standings were concerned...''

The great and the good
Tuesday, 29th June 2010
by Kit Robinson
''I am sure that fans of other Premier League teams feel that their clubs input into England, with regard to important players or the number of their players, is as important as West Ham’s, whether its Spurs, Chelsea or Man United. ..''

The Deadwood stage is rolling over the hill
Monday, 7th June 2010
by Kit Robinson
''The arrival of the club’s new manager has been rapidly followed by the surprise arrival of the first signing of the summer...''

Expect the expected
Monday, 7th June 2010
by Kit Robinson
''Well here we are again. It’s like Christmas but every four years and always expecting to end up with a fake Action Man with no moving body parts, instead of the genuine article with gripping hands and eagle eyes. England are at the World Cup with media full of hype and expectation and we are being told we can win. But are we really expecting much? Are we destined for another series of limp displays and another sacked manager? Do we have the players with enough skill to bring the cup home?..''

One for the money, two for the show
Monday, 11th February 2008
by Kit Robinson
''Well it had to happen, you could see it coming. After talk over the past decade of there being a break-off European league for the regular Champions League qualifiers (which hasn’t as yet materialised), the latest money-making scheme for the Premier League is to play games abroad...''

It’s not over until the fat chairman sings
Monday, 14th May 2007
by Kit Robinson
''Optimism was high. There had been an FA Cup final, we had a young progressive manager, a youthful but enthusiastic team who didn’t know when to capitulate to the opposition...''

Tuesday, 28th November 2006
by Kit Robinson
''The takeover is finally over and there are not many fans who are displeased with the way things have turned out. ..''

Cheats mostly prosper
Friday, 15th September 2006
by Kit Robinson
''On the eve of west hams first foray back in Europe for many a year, many West Ham fans are gearing up for a run of matches that would see our mostly inexperienced team take on the other “runners up” on the European circuit in the UEFA cup. The first two leg match against Sicilian side Palermo is of the utmost importance as it is the route into the lucrative group stage and a guaranteed high turnover for the club, even if West Ham were to progress no further than the group stage. As much as I want the club to progress and show how well we can play, evidence would suggest it may all end in tears...''

Can we afford the cost of love?
Thursday, 17th August 2006
by Kit Robinson
''There is reportedly increasing incidences of attendances falling at Premier league football clubs, particularly with general sale tickets as opposed to Season tickets. So is fan loyalty faltering? ..''

Them belly full but we hungry
Saturday, 10th September 2005
by Kit Robinson
''There have been many debates about how all-seater stadiums have deadened the atmosphere at football grounds, particularly those in the Premier league, since the Taylor report...''

Mourinho’s got a point
Thursday, 26th May 2005
by Kit Robinson
''As West Ham embark on what is destined to be a very hard fought Championship play-off final against Preston at the Millennium stadium in Cardiff this coming bank holiday Monday, perhaps it is time to reflect and predict what has/may happen in football and how pressure and money is affecting the game itself...''

Reverse psychology to take hold at West Ham?
Thursday, 27th January 2005
by Kit Robinson
''I would suggest that West Ham are directionless at the moment if only for the simple fact that there is a direction they are going in and that’s down the Championship table...''

The money and the glory
Wednesday, 29th September 2004
by Kit Robinson
''There have been a few discussions on KUMB recently about the prospects of West Ham United should they be promoted to the premier league but also questions have been raised about our reasons for being promoted. ..''

Win ugly, lose ugly
Monday, 7th June 2004
by Kit Robinson
''The failure of the West Ham team to turn up at Cardiff, as opposed to the 30,000+ fans, should have finally laid to rest any notion from the West Ham board and the media, that West Ham United are a premiership club that was “too good to go down” from the Premier league and “too big for Division One”. ..''

Fans v Stewards
Wednesday, 12th May 2004
by Kit Robinson
''In England and most of the rest of the world, most human beings will always fight against any forms of authority, be it the police, politicians and their laws or even our parents when we are teenagers. ..''

Media perspective: all change?
Saturday, 21st February 2004
by Kit Robinson
''Most Hammers fans have finally turned the corner with regard to a negative opinion towards West Ham United as a team that was going nowhere fast, to a team that could actually be going somewhere. ..''

The Premier League, Champions League and financial disparity in the English game
Saturday, 10th January 2004
by Kit Robinson
''West Ham United’s restructuring after their relegation last season is an obvious example of the desperate financial situation any club will find themselves in, should they drop out of the Premier league. But what is the effect of the champions league on the structure of the English leagues and how teams survive and prosper in future?..''

De-friend or Defoe?
Tuesday, 25th November 2003
by Kit Robinson
''Yes a naff title to an increasingly naff situation that West Ham and their long suffering fans find themselves in with their much coveted superstar striker. Will he or wont he go? Red cards, attitude, a new manager and the same old chairman all point to Jermain man’s departure, but how soon is now?..''

Retain the youth
Wednesday, 6th August 2003
by Kit Robinson
''I will admit that I balked and scoffed at the media when they said there would be a mass exodus from West Ham of our best players when we were relegated from the Premier League...''

Relegation Speculation
Tuesday, 20th May 2003
by Kit Robinson
''There are no two ways about it, it's been a thoroughly miserable and very frustrating, even embarrassing, season. One which i'm sure all West Ham supporters are pleased to see the back of, if only it wasn't for the fact we are now in Division One...''

Desperate times?
Thursday, 20th February 2003
by Kit Robinson
''According to Glenn Roeder, West Ham are not in a "desperate" situation. This is despite there being only 11 league games left to the season, not having kept a clean sheet for 30 hours of football and being placed second from bottom of the league. The team no longer has any heart left in it and neither do the fans and yet the board is still totally in support of its manager and will back him even if West Ham United are relegated to the Nationwide League Division One...''

Media Relations
Thursday, 25th January 2001
by Kit Robinson
''Well I suppose I should be writing about the plethora of non first-team players that seem to be joining us from other clubs reserve teams. However, I’ve come to the conclusion that we will have to see what they are like after 8-10 matches, a la Kanoute, rather than write them off before they’ve played. Instead I want to talk about our relationship with the media, particularly the newspapers...''

Time to look abroad?
Wednesday, 25th October 2000
by Kit Robinson
''In the wake of Kevin Keegan's departure from the helm as England boss, it has been interesting to see a couple of different perspectives upon International teams in the last couple of days. A major part of the debate surrounding England, seems to centre around the pro’s and cons of an English or foreign coach. It could also be, that because of West Ham’s current plight near the foot of the table that many West Ham supporters may also believe that a foreign coach, or a non-West Ham related coach may be needed at Upton Park...''

Bubble Bursting?
Friday, 28th July 2000
by Kit Robinson
''At a time when West Ham aim to recoup more finances by redeveloping, the stakes in the transfer market have been risen again, to a point, even after redevelopment, beyond the clubs financial capabilities. What is West Ham United’s record club signing, was it £5m for John Hartson? This summer the likes of Real Madrid buy Luis Figo for almost £40 million and Chelsea sign Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink for £15 million. I believe that the club and most other English clubs of whatever division, really need to ask themselves “what are our financial capabilities?”..''

In, out, but don’t shake it all about
Thursday, 6th July 2000
by Kit Robinson
''Well it certainly seems like we’re coming to the end of our inward coming transfers and the names of possible departures are the same that we thought would go before the end of last season. Anyone with a good sense of business and who knows the clubs current financial situation would be in agreement that Harry has done a good job with pretty much nothing...''

New Blood , New England
Wednesday, 21st June 2000
by Kit Robinson
'''Harry Redknapp believes that England's early departure from Euro 2000 could be good news for his bunch of England hopefuls. The England side is expected to see a number of casualties after the failure to get out of their group in Holland and Belgium, and begin their World Cup 2002 qualifying campaign in October. Redknapp expects the revamped squad of 22 to include his up and coming youngsters, including Rio Ferdinand, Frank Lampard and possibly even Joe Cole.'..''

Match of the Day
Friday, 16th June 2000
by Kit Robinson
''Well the BBC lost its rights to highlights to Premiership Football. Is this any great loss? Initially it may seem that this is no big deal to the fans with the new highlights on ITV being paid for by advertisers rather than our money through the licence fee...''

Chilled? No, frozen
Wednesday, 14th June 2000
by Kit Robinson
''Were the northern lights of Amsterdam to blame for England's demoralising defeat against Portugal?..''

Friday, 2nd June 2000
by Kit Robinson
''Hammers boss Harry Redknapp will be forced to sell some of his players before he can make new signings at Upton Park. It's understood that the board will not allow any cash to be spent on new players unless some of the existing squad are off-loaded. That will come as a major blow to Redknapp who has been heavily linked with Arsenal striker Davor Suker. The Croatian has revealed that he has had an offer from a London club and the Hammers seem to be the favourites. But, even though Suker is a Bosman free transfer his wages are likely to amount to over £1million. It will be interesting to see if the board block the proposed transfer of Suker, who will make a decision over his future in the next few weeks. “ ..''

Treading Water
Friday, 2nd June 2000
by Kit Robinson
''I hate to frustrate and infuriate further ... but anyone who thought that this season was a great disappointment in our lack of success or anti-climatic to our finishing fifth last season, but there is already evidence to show that until our ground is re-developed, we are going to be, treading water, at least financially, and possibly on the pitch...''

A very 'unfortunate' situation
Thursday, 25th May 2000
by Kit Robinson
''Supposedly Leeds United are interested in both Frank Lampard and Rio Ferdinand for a total of somewhere around £18-20 million, between them. This has got to be the biggest test for the club in recent history of what its priorities are. Do we sell and run the risk of continuing with a substandard team over the next couple of years whilst the ground is redeveloped? or do we follow Leeds’ example and invest in our own young players and produce a more consistant and possibly successful first team over the next decade? ..''

A Stroll in the Park
Tuesday, 23rd May 2000
by Kit Robinson
''Well, as I predicted in my last article, the Arsenal match was our last "meaningful" match of the season, unless you count pride being at stake against Leeds to gain the 8th position spot or for losing 5-1 last time, but that was down to that useless referee Harris, not the Yorkshiremen...''

That's all Folks!
Monday, 1st May 2000
by Kit Robinson
''This may well come across as whingey, conspirational and the after effect of a defeat, but I am sure that I am merely reflecting the feelings of many frustrated West Ham fans...''

Monday, 17th April 2000
by Kit Robinson
''It’s been interesting to see the reactions of Hammers fans towards the team and manager, during our recent drubbing at Old Trafford then our two recent victories against Newcastle and Derby...''

Great ground, no fans, great ground, no fans
Tuesday, 4th April 2000
by Kit Robinson
''"The irony is that it works out cheaper going away. Sheff.Weds was 18 pound a seat, so once the petrol has been split between three and the three travel cards that would be bought for a trip to the Boleyn are taken into account we're actually saving. not to mention having a decent day out...''

A whole season in one game - the paradox of West Ham United
Sunday, 26th March 2000
by Kit Robinson
''I believe that most Hammers fans would agree with me that Sunday's televised home match against Wimbledon, told the story of West Ham's 1999/2000 season, and maybe captured in 90 minutes, the essence of what makes supporting West Ham United both exhilarating and frustrating...''

Sunday, 5th March 2000
by Kit Robinson
''It’s been interesting to see the reactions of Hammers fans towards the team and manager, during our recent drubbing at Old Trafford then our two recent victories against Newcastle and Derby...''

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