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Articles by Mr Preview Percy

Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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The Carroll crossroads conumdrum
Thursday, 2nd May 2013
by Mr Preview Percy
''As Andy Carroll faces a decision about his future over the next few weeks, Preview Percy takes time out from, er, previewing to look at the possible options available to the player - and why he should turn two of them down......''

Ow gawd he's at it again!
Thursday, 7th March 2013
by Mr Preview Percy
''Preview Percy is at a loose end, what with there being no match this weekend. So to fill in the time until the bunion lady arrives he returns to a particular irritant of his. He still hasn't forgiven Barry Hearn for Snooker Loopy you know.... ..''

Will the real Barry Hearn stand up – and go away
Monday, 23rd July 2012
by Mr Preview Percy
''The recent bout of sunshine has brought Preview Percy out of his close season hibernation and he's fed up with the moveable feast that is Barry Hearn.....''

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