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Frequently Asked Questions

or Everything You Wanted To Know About KUMB.com But Were Afraid To Ask.

What is Knees up Mother Brown?

KUMB.com is an independent website managed by supporters of West Ham United which offers a fans' perspective on current affairs at the club. As an independent organisation we remain free to speak openly and honestly about the club and its business.

KUMB.com is the longest-running independent West Ham website. In our first year online - season 1997/98 - KUMB generated just a few thousand page views; we now serve several million pages each and every month to more than 150,000 unique visitors.

Our news archive is the most comprehensive record of daily Hammers news available on the web (covering some 15 years, considerably longer than even West Ham United's own official online archive); you may search our news database here.

What does KUMB stand for - and why is it so-called?

KUMB is an acronym of Knees up Mother Brown. Why Knees up Mother Brown? Simply because it was a song popular with West Ham United's away support between the early 1960s and late 80s and often heard following a good win on the road - so it represents happier days...

If you want to know more about the background to the song click here - and to watch it belted out at the Boleyn (after the Ipswich play-off semi final win in 2005), click here.

How long has KUMB been running?

KUMB first went online during the summer of 1997 and has been ploughing on - through good times and bad (and even worse!) - ever since. The site you are viewing now is our seventh version, KUMB having changed appearance in 1998, 2000, September 2003, September 2005, November 2006 and July 2008.

The original KUMB logo

So who runs this site?

Running the site since its inception is founder and Editor Graeme Howlett, whilst long-term contributor Gordon Thrower joined the editorial team as Deputy Ed in 2005. The forum moderators are commonly known as Up the Junction, Gnome, Chalks, Romford, sicknote, Northern Paulo, Rio, Goes2Eleven, Bonehead, Lost Hammer, Alf Garnett's (Ex) Missus, bristolhammerfc and Wheels - whilst scores of fellow Hammers have contributed match reports and articles over the years.

Our entire moderating team have been with us since 2000 bar Goes2Eleven - who replaced Amsterhammer in 2005 after the latter moved on following five years' service - plus bristolhammerfc, Alf Garnett's (Ex) Missus and Wheels, three long-standing members who joined the team in 2011. All of those who contribute to the site do so on a voluntary basis.

What about your award-winning Podcast?

The KUMB Podcast is produced and presented by Chris Scull and James Longman and is recorded (mostly) on a weekly basis throughout the football season (August to May). Previous guests have included a number of former West Ham United players plus famous fans such as Russell Brand, James Corden and Irving Welsh.

Is KUMB affiliated to West Ham United?

Although KUMB.com is reasonably unique amongst independent club-based websites in having enjoyed privileged access to media facilities/players/club staff for a number of years we are not affiliated to West Ham United FC in any way and, as such, remain free to speak openly about affairs relating to the club.

Where can I find KUMB on my favourite social media sites?

You can catch us on both Facebook or Twitter.

Where can I find more information on KUMB's Premium Membership scheme?

Right here.

How do I submit match reports/articles for submission on KUMB?

Simply send your work to editor @ kumb.com (remove the spaces) with a brief covering note. Further details can be found here.

Why are there so many non-West Ham fans on KUMB's forums?

KUMB has an active policy of encouraging (sensible) supporters of other football teams to join us Hammers on the forums. Fans from clubs such as Everton, Reading, Sunderland, Birmingham and Bolton all regularly join in the banter.

KUMB logo circa 2002

What songs did you feature on KUMB.com's front page during the 2002/03 season?

Our audio splash pages included 'Just The Way I'm Feeling' by Feeder (with relegation looming, 2003), 'It's The End Of The World As We Know It' by REM (following relegation in 2003), 'Rip It Up' by Orange Juice (following Terry Brown's 'no fire sale' speech, Summer 2003) and 'What A Waster' by the Libertines (following the sale of Cole/Johnson in August 2003).

Can you put a link to my website on KUMB?

Unfortunately we no longer accept link submissions. However you are welcome to request permission to plug your site on our forums by contacting editor @ kumb.com (removing the spaces).

These occasional pop-unders are annoying. Why do we have to have them?

Quite simply to pay the rent. We incur hosting fees which need to be paid for - and that's why we ask you to put up with the odd (non-intrusive) pop-under.

But I can just use AdBlock to hide them, right?

We'd rather you didn't! KUMB relies upon its advertising revenue to function, without this the site would cease to exist. Please consider adding us to your exception list if you must use ad blocking software/apps.

I've ordered something from KUMB's store. How long will it take to arrive?

All goods usually arrive between 7-14 days from point of order.

Can you get my mate a trial at West Ham United?

Unfortunately not. Contact the club for further details.

Where can I find the Club's website?

Right here - www.whufc.com.

I've read all this and you haven't mentioned the forum rules.

You can find the KUMB forum terms and conditions here.