KUMB Forum Terms of Use - please read first

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KUMB Forum Terms of Use - please read first

Postby Up the Junction on Wed May 14, 2003 12:53 pm

Forum Terms of Use

West Ham United FC Online - Knees up Mother Brown

Set out below are the terms (`Terms of Use') upon which we provide access to the KUMB.com Forums. By using our forums you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use. If you do not accept the Terms of Use, please exit the website immediately.


1. Before You Start...
Before posting for the first time, please take time to read the current entries in order to gauge the 'feel' of the forums.

2. Member Requirements
a). Your account is exclusive to you and you alone - do not share your password with anybody else. Members who allow others to use their log-in details will have their account terminated.

b). Members are prohibited from creating more than one account without the prior written consent of KUMB.com (contact details above). Any member that creates more than one account without permission may have ALL of their accounts suspended.

c). Although we provide numerous discussion forums our members are reminded that any accounts which are used primarily for non-WHU discussion may be suspended/deleted. This also applies to inactive accounts (accounts registered but unused for some considerable time).

3. Personal Abuse
Personal abuse - or negative posts (flames) towards other members (or guests) - be they supporters of West Ham or otherwise - are not tolerated on KUMB.com. Initial offenders can expect to be issued with a warning, then a permanent ban if they continue to flout these rules (see 17). Please respect the opinions of others even if you disagree.

4. Advertising
Advertising/promotion/marketing of any nature is not permitted unless you have been granted permission by us to do so. To apply for permission to advertise on the KUMB.com forums, please contact editor AT kumb.com. To apply for a copy of our latest advertising rates, please contact sales AT kumb.com.

5. Duplication
Before you post, read down the board and make sure nobody has posted on the same subject recently. It is not necessary to start a new topic just to make your point heard! Please bear in mind that repetitive threads/topics/posts may be locked/deleted/merged with an existing thread without warning.

6. Bumping Threads
'Bumping' posts (ie posting merely to lift a thread back to the top of the board) - whether your own or otherwise - is prohibited.


1. Quoting
When quoting from posts please ensure that you quote only the section of the post on which you are commenting. Any posts that fail to meet this requirement, contain quotes from more than one post, quote larger posts in order to post a single word/image reply or quote images (regardless of size) may be removed without warning.

2. Images/Photographs
Although the use of photographs/pictures is not generally encouraged on the forum we understand that in some cases they are necessary. When using pictures please ensure that they are no larger than 500x500 pixels in size; any attempts to post images of a greater size will result in your post being rejected. Under no circumstances are pictures of a pornographic nature permitted. We accept no responsibility for images hosted external to KUMB.com.

3. Grammar/Text Speak
Although there are no strict demands as far as grammar/spelling are concerned, if your posts are difficult to read/understand or use 'text speak' they are likely to be locked or deleted. Persistent offenders will be banned from the site. Foul language/swearing in thread titles is also prohibited.

4. Fonts
CAPS are not to be used on the forum unless emphasising a (small) specific point. This also applies to non-default colour fonts. Under no circumstances are CAPS to be used in thread titles.

5. Using Emoticons (Smileys)
Although we provide smileys for general use on the forum they should be used sparingly - one smiley per post should generally be enough to convey your emotions. Any posts that overuse smileys - sourced from KUMB.com's gallery or otherwise - may be deleted.


1. Touts
Any touts posting on our Ticket Forum can expect to have their posts deleted, their account suspended and their ISP informed as to their activities. Anyone encouraging touting (posting of links etc) will also be banned.

2. Journalists
Journalists - before you source any material from our forums - or any part of KUMB.com - please refer to Section 4 of our General Terms of Use/Privacy Policy: http://www.kumb.com/terms.php.

3. Non -WHU Supporters
If you are visiting our forums as a supporter of another club - which KUMB.com positively encourages - you are expected to be courteous at all times, and respect the fact that KUMB.com is a site provided primarily for supporters of West Ham United FC. Anybody who visits with the sole purpose of posting maliciously/flaming will be banned immediately AND reported to their ISP.


1. Thread Moderation
We are often asked why some threads are locked/moved from the GD forum; examples of threads likely to be moved are:

    > posting of links to videos/websites (football related or otherwise)
    > general cut and paste items unrelated to WHUFC/football (jokes, lists etc)
    > personal 'chat' threads between a small number of members
    > non WHUFC/general football threads
    > short posts that offer little or nothing to discuss - or that duplicate the subject matter of an existing thread
The best way to ensure that your thread remains open? Stay on topic - and/or make it either informative, interesting - or both!

2. The Penalty System
Warnings or permanent bans, in extreme cases, may be issued for any of the following offences. Two warnings will result in a permanent ban:

    > abuse: malicious comments directed at either a group or an individual (includes racism/anti-semitism, sexism and homophobia).
    > flaming/trolling: comments that either antagonise or cause offence to fellow member/s.
    > spam: unauthorised advertising; personal web links; pointless threads; 'ITK' pestering/baiting; requesting links/discussing unlicensed streams in match threads.
    > touting: attempting to sell tickets without authority/for profit.
    > promoting ad-blocking software.
    > posting pictures of a pornographic nature or otherwise offensive images.
    > posting false or deliberately misleading 'ITK' info; passing off others' inside info as your own
    > continually posting 'off-topic'/on non-football topics.

3. Applicability
These rules apply equally to both Premium and regular KUMB.com members. Please note that KUMB.com may divulge your personal details upon request should you post defamatory comments on the KUMB Forums.

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