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Postby Northern Paulo on Sun Apr 20, 2003 1:44 pm

Well said, as usual Frank. Its what I said months ago...we would be better off with no manager at all than retain Roeder. We would have been better Cole & Di Canio picking the team and letting each player concentrate on the job he's best suited to.
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Postby ashhammer on Sun Apr 20, 2003 8:52 pm

I am gutted Frank as I thought you could have found that last bit of hope we needed.

But I think you have done an excellent job with this thread well done :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

I think a good thread now is to see 1. what manager can get us back up and 2. which team.


ROEDER OUT :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:
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Postby FDiMcAll down to the wire on Fri May 09, 2003 6:13 pm

Well I can not believe this ole' thread is still plausible, but untill Sundays over - untill THE SEASON IS OVER - it is, and certainly when I started this thread (after Bolton were unbeaten by us at Xmas); it was all about how we would NOT go down.
The point of this thread was to demonstrate how inspite of Roeder we would stay up, not because of Roeder.
It was an attempt to head off at the pass the sort of 'Roeders cracked it, all plaijn sailing from here' comments that followed last season (an awfull season).

Essentially I believed this squad could NOT be relegated, and that by staying up it proved nothing, certainly no skill on Roeders part.

What I hadnt bargained for was that Roeder could bugger it up, that Roeder could drop Paolo, use Lomas as a non-goal-scoring attacking midfielder, and hone the long ball via Les etc etc etc.

Having attempted to explain away our survival as unsursprising, I watched in horror as Roeder attempted to guarantee his 3rd relegation.

A few points have emerged.

The recent decent run is not SURPRISING, we all knew in September that we had the easisest run in ever.

Should we be relegated on goal diff on 44 a record number of points to go down with, it will not prove we were unlucky. That Sunderland and WBA the 2 worst shows for bottom and next EVER were so ****, its no surprise the teams above them had more points, SUnderland and WBA having so few meant more to go round. The 44 points and down thing doesnt signify bad luck, it screams of a weak league where points were easy for the likes of Spurs and Brum.

Lee Bowyer is class and has never once started a game under Roeder in his correct role or been allowed to gain fitness by carefull subbing. Bowyer at the centre of teh team would have been amazing.

Lomas is a Div 1 player.

Joe needs to play centrally.

A settled defence is better than a nonsense one.

McAtffs visionary summer shouts re a right back (Adam Newtons departure) were spot on, and had Roeder had cover for Schemmel from day 1.

Les Ferdinand trys hard and is a nice guy - and ohhh that nearly came off etc etc. SO WHAT. it means ZIP goals just loads of "well tried Les" SO WHAT - WE ARE WEST HAM PLAY PAOLO PL:AY LAZY FRED PLAY THE BALL TO DWARF DEFOES FEET, PLAY FOOTBALL, ITS WHAT OUR SQAUD IS SUITED TOO.

Brum and Bolton, have played to maverick genius's like Duggary, DiCanio, Okacha, Djorkaef, and its got morte points than WBA and Sunderlands BATTLE/lomas philosophy.

I conceded defeat and deecided we wereent to be saved after a DiCAnioless draw v a crap Villa.

What happned next was Roeder stopped picking the team.

Clearly Roeder would not have beaten Chelsea (home or away) without outside forces (injuries) intervening to unleash WEST HAM.

This thread was all about us surviving INSPITE of Roeder not because of him. What has now emnerged is that NO TEAM can survive inspite of Roeder, and that our only route to Salvation is without him.

I wish Roeder a speedy return to full health and fitness.

He didnt have the fibre to resign on the many occasions he should have, and I wouldnt want him to loose the job on ill health.

It is over to Brooking ot lead the board away from Roeder.

After he has allowed Defoe, Paolo, Cole, to play their game, in Paolos cup final that he always promised us, to SALVATE US.

SALVATION as this thread has always said is buigger all to do with Roeder its to do with our World Class players, over to them, I have every faith in em.

(and little faith in yellow card shy Boro)
FDiMcAll down to the wire

Postby Amsterhammer on Fri May 09, 2003 6:20 pm

Where were you last Sat. Franko??? Looked everywhere for someone with a "teh" t-shirt :shock: :?

:crest: :dicanio: :dicanio: :dicanio: :dicanio: :dicanio: :crest:
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Postby Bill on Fri May 09, 2003 6:22 pm

Like you say, it's amazing the thread is still relevant. If Brown doesn't act to remove Roeder after this crap season whether up or down then his "apology" counts for nothing.
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Postby Northern Paulo on Sat May 10, 2003 8:12 am

Yes, it looks like there could be one helluva big upheaval in the summer
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Postby ashhammer on Sun May 11, 2003 5:30 pm

Its such a shame I really wanted this post to come right, but one thing that is right from frank was Roeder enough said :!: :!:
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