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Are you happy with the way West Ham play under Alan Curbishley?

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Re: Alan Curbishley

Postby the pink palermo on Thu Mar 11, 2010 10:22 am

the pink palermo wrote:13 clubs on that list . less than 2 years old , have changed Manager, some of them twice .

Which begs the question , why give contracts to managers longer than 2 years ?

Hummer_I_mean_Hammer wrote:
A lot is down to expectations, too many fans/owners think they have a divine right to be challeging the top spots, and do not give managers the time required to build the team up.

Shame we seem to be going down that road, used to give managers a bit of time to develop their squads. :cry:

Is it now so dependant on money that teams can no longer aford to get relegated?

Two correlations could be drawn

1. The clubs with the longest serving Managers tend to challange for trophies or
2. The Clubs with the most money tend to challange for trophies

What is clear though is the pace at which clubs churn managers appears to have increased dramatically , and we are in the same game these days sadly .
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Re: Alan Curbishley

Postby MS in the West on Thu Mar 11, 2010 10:53 am

I think our current situation just shows the naivity of some of our fans. I was very frustrated at Curbishley being maneouvred out at the time, as was evident in my posts. I also viewed Zola's appointment with some apprehension. In the event he did OK at the start, but he could hardly, for a medium sized prem club, have been dealt a better set of cards for the first season than he had.

All those people saying that they'd rather be in the fizzy pop than 'endure' watching Curbishley's team were, in my view, way off the mark and had astonishingly short memories - first in terms of what might happen with an inexperienced manager (Roeder) and second what it was actually like in the Fizzy pop. Thousands of fans who thought we had a divine right to promotion, booing the team when they didn't roll over other sides, undemining the team's confidence so, in the end, we were quite lucky, despite having a very good team and manager at that level, to get promoted.

Curbishley played the football he had to play with the teams he had. I remember games like Blackburn at home (4-1) Reading away, ManYoo (3 times) and a variety of other games which were quite entertainig. If he'd ever been able to play Bellamy, Ashton and Dyer together we'd certainly have had a team to watch

So we are stuck with where we are now, with the team falling apart and a clueless manager who is simply not equipped for this crisis. The football is at times dreadful - despite all the Zola lovers wanting 'sexy football''. You can be absolutely sure we won't go on a run of 7 wins in 9 games right now to end our season.

And, I guess, the same old people who wanted Curbishley out don't want Mark Hughes in (we should be so lucky to have him)

One thing about some of our supporters - they never learn
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Re: Alan Curbishley

Postby Sloop John B on Thu Mar 11, 2010 11:12 am

MS in the West wrote:One thing about some of our supporters - they never learn

:thup: Good post!
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