Blackpool 1 West Ham Utd 3 (02/02/11)

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Re: Blackpool v West Ham Utd: match thread

Postby rare as rockinghorse shat on Thu Feb 03, 2011 5:28 pm

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Re: Blackpool v West Ham Utd: match thread

Postby Dyl on Thu Feb 03, 2011 9:43 pm

anyone got a link to the goals?

edit: forget it, found 'em
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Re: Blackpool v West Ham Utd: match thread

Postby the pink palermo on Fri Feb 04, 2011 1:30 am

Good trip to Blackpool and very happy with both the result and a couple of individual performances .

Obinna,Piquionne and O'Neil did well .The balance of the side was so much better than anything we have seen in a long time - and Keane gave us a bit of swagger / attitude - as Adam did for them .

Some good basics got done - when Bridge took a free kick on the wrong side of the pitch , outside of their box , Parker fell back to left back to cover....

Only downside was the injury to Gabbs meant I saw , and I am not joking, my 20th back 5 combination this season .

20 .

Thats how you give away nearly 2 goals per game .

I'm sticking with my 42 points and comfortable prediction .One other thing to note, and I've said it before :

At no stage* has the away support given Grant any serious stick this season - last night when he came across the pitch , and yes it was a little cheesy , tossed his scarf into the crowd , their was a degree of warmth imo .

Definately hasn't lost the dressing room , nor the away support .

And a fair few who were there last night were also at Newcastle .

* Wasn't at the Liverpool game - there may havebeen some grief there
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Re: Blackpool v West Ham Utd: match thread

Postby GideaParkHammer on Fri Feb 04, 2011 1:38 am

Cheers PP..I really do miss my days on the road. Pain in the arse getting back in the wee small hours, but totally worth it when we win. Big thumbs up to you all.

I was almost happier last night than when we beat Manure. For the first time for ages, we actually looked like a team. We may have been shaky at points in the second half, we actually held on to a 2 goal league. Forgive me father, but I actually think we could get out of this ****.
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Re: Blackpool v West Ham Utd: match thread

Postby Morocco Mole on Fri Feb 04, 2011 1:49 am

Pinky, big up to you and the rest of the OLAS were ****ing awesome last night. Massive respect... :thup:
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Re: Blackpool v West Ham Utd: match thread

Postby Henry Wilt on Fri Feb 04, 2011 2:47 am

I thought AG got it all about right for this, including the substitutions.

OK Reid for Gabbidon was forced but I do believe that given time on the pitch alongside Tomkins those 2 will become a superb pairing. It's just unfortunate that we are in the situation we are and can little afford the inevitable mistakes that will happen as 1, Reid learns his role and responsibilities, 2, Reid gets used to the pressure of the Prem & 3, they learn to work together and get that connection that good teams/pairings have.

LBM & Kovac on for Obinna and Keane I think was absolutely right.
LBM is going to give much more cover to Bridge than Obinna but is still capable of getting forward to try and attack on the break meaning that Blackpool couldn't commit everybody forward, they had to have some cover.
Kovac for Keane, another good choice defensively. He is very good at breaking up play through the midfield and is capable of helping out Tomkins and Reid.
Leaving Piq on rather than Keane still gave us the attacking option but also Piq has been excellent defending set pieces recently so better cover defending the lead. Also Keane hasn't played 1st team football for a while so his legs were probably starting to feel pretty heavy, especially on that pitch.

Also, for those that say that AG doesn't show any emotion. He seemed to be getting very vocal on the touchline later on during the match. And the way he greeted Parker (and Parkers response) coming off the field proved to me that he definitely hasn't lost the dressing room.

I know this won't be popular on here as most seem to hate LBM and Kovac but I honestly believe that they both still have a role to play in our team and even better, LBM at least, gives a f**k about the team and plays 100% every time he's out there even if he is having a bad game.

*dons tin hat and goes back to doing some work*
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Re: Blackpool v West Ham Utd: match thread

Postby Tangerine_Army on Fri Feb 04, 2011 9:26 pm

Firstly well done hammers, best team won on the night. Sorry for delay but taken that long to get over it!! As I previously said prior to game I would have taken a point as I have noticed how you have picked up recently. Watched the 1st half of the CC game and I can't believe Brum won!!

As for the game we started well (10 mins) but then the goals, 1st one..... jesus our keeper has to be dropped for Everton and then Jesus the 3rd what a strike. After we got back in it, as soon as you scored the 3rd I said that we wouldn't come back. If we had gone in 1-2 then I feel it couldn't have been oh so different but that 3rd killed us.

Don't think you boys have reason to worry especially with the likes of Keane (70k a week...... we can only dream of paying that), hope you stuff the brum this weekend as would love to see them go down. As for us we need to get a result soon..... we have had the Adam stuff and apparently on the day of our game we had a training ground bust up between Evatt and Phillips, Evatt who has been outstanding and was dropped to the bench and Phillips who has been our star super sub who was left our entirely. But just hope we can stop the rot soon as I hope we are playing you again next season in the prem.

Hope your boys enjoyed the seaside although next time I hope it gives us a nicer fixture date, good luck for the rest of the season. :thup:
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Re: Blackpool v West Ham Utd: match thread

Postby rigoberts song on Fri Feb 04, 2011 9:41 pm

What a sportsman you are better than the gloating brummies we get on here at least you have the front to pitch up after a defeat.Thanks Tangerine army, hope you stay up too. Your team and Holloway have been a breath of fresh air this season.Good luck for the rest of the season.Hope you defy the predictions pre season.
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