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Global Hammers

They're here, they're there, they're every f***ing where ...

Did you know that West Ham are just one of many clubs around the world to feature crossed hammers as part of their club crest?

Lifelong Hammer Steven Spraggs does; he has been collecting badges from various clubs around the globe featuring the hammers for many years. And he has kindly agreed to share his collection with us here on KUMB. Over to you, Steven ...

"When KUMB asked me to do this page it was a huge honour. Well, where do we start!

"About 10 years ago I started collecting football badges from around the world. One day a good friend of mine from Poland sent me the club badge for a Polish team called Gornik Zabrze. I could not belive my eyes - like our club, West Ham United, it had a pair of crossed hammers on it!

"At first I was surprised that we were not alone in having a pair of crossed hammers on our crest. But after a little research I soon became hooked, and decided to find out more about this club from Poland - and subsequently, many more.

"I was amazed by how many clubs and countries from around the world have the crossed hammers as part of their crests. But why is this?

"Many of the clubs have crossed hammers on their badge because they are mining towns/cities, whereas some - like the Thames Ironworks - come from ship building. Others stem from industries such as copper mining.

"As far as Polish clubs are concerened - which is where we shall begin - things to look out for are gks, which denotes a miners club - or the word lat, which means year.

"I currently own badges from over 20 different countries - some of which I will be sharing with you in this column."

Steven Spraggs

The Clubs

Club: GKS Belchatow (pronounced Bel-a-hat-off) (Poland)
Formed: 1977
Nickname: 'Jornicy' (translates as 'Miners')
Ground: Name unknown (7,000 capacity)

Colours: yellow and black
Change colours: red and white
Website: http://www.gksbelchatow.pl/

Notes: As you can see, Belchatow only formed as a professional club in 1977 - but their rise through the divisions has been a story that mirrors Wimbledon's here in the 1980's.

GKS entered the Polish Division 4 in 1977 and it took four years to to gain promotion to to the Third division - and a further seven years to reach the Second division. In 1992 they won promotion in to the top flight - where they remain to this day.

Club: Gornik Zabrze (Poland)
Formed: 1948
Nickname: 'Jornicy' (translates as 'Miners')
Ground: Roosevelt Stadium (17,000 capacity)

Colours: blue and red
Change colours: white and red
Website: http://www.gornikzabrze.pl/index2.php

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