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Premier Leech
Filed: Friday, 3rd June 2011
Author: Staff Writer

Neil Humphreys - author of popular seller Match Fixer - has released his second book based on the murky world of professional football.

36-year-old Humphreys, who hails from Barking but now lives in Australia has released his follow up to the well-received Match Fixer - a book entitled Premier Leech.

The story is based upon childhood friends Scott and Ross, two of the Premier League’s highest earning players, and their agent Jimmy - none of whom could care less about the state of the game.

These Barking-born Essex boys have the world at their feet. Jimmy settles player transfers with bungs; Ross spends more time at the blackjack table than in the six yard box and Scott is sleeping his way around London.

But it doesn’t matter as they all play in the Premier League. They feel untouchable - until a mysterious Saudi businessman plots to take over the club, heightening the culture of greed and immorality to such extreme levels that even Scott, Ross and Jimmy may not be able to survive...

Premier Leech is a timely and compelling novel based on England’s natural obsession in all its celebrity-addicted glory. You can pick up a copy right now for less than a fiver in KUMB's Amazon store - link.

A full review will follow shortly...