Friday, 20th July 2018
100 grand to save the club
Filed: Wednesday, 11th October 2017
Author: Staff Writer

The cost of keeping the West Ham United Supporters Club in Castle Street running has been estimated at around 150,000.

The long-running venue, which has been welcoming Hammers fans through its doors for almost half a century was forced to close last weekend following a damning Health & Safety review.

And the committee running the campaign to save it have since revealed that despite holding some assets, around 100,000 will need to be sourced from external parties in order to prevent the Supporters Club closing for good.

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"A Health & Safety review (instigated by the current committee) found the place to be unsafe and in a very poor state of repair," a committee member told KUMB. "This situation has been inherited by the committee who have worked tirelessly to turn around the place.

"The committee have decided to launch a JustGiving campaign to help raise funds for a refurbishment and an update to all systems that failed the H&S review.

"The club themselves are raising money through the sale of a small property it owns. However there is hardly any money left in the coffers and this is being looked into by the current committee, with an independent review being undertaken.

"Costings are still being sorted before the business can be organised/tendered. The HSC will put in as much money as possible towards the overall costs. At present, due to very poor maintenance over the years, we may be looking at 100,000 plus.

"We are on our knees and need help."

If you would like to contribute to the Supporters Club's fundraising efforts, visit their JustGiving page. In the meantime, the Supporters Club has found a temporary home at Stour Space.