Friday, 22nd February 2019
Sullivan issues appeal to fans
Filed: Saturday, 10th February 2018
Author: Staff Writer

Co-chairman David Sullivan has appeared in a video appealing to supporters for "unity".

In a week in which it was confirmed that thousands of West Ham United supporters are preparing to take part in an anti-Board march next month, the 68-year-old pleaded with the club's fans to give his regime more time to deliver upon their promises.

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"I want to speak directly to the supporters and say how important it is we all pull together during these times," Sullivan said during his seven-minute missive. "We accept there's been failures and I just want to speak to supporters frankly and tell them what's been going on."

Although Sullivan - who repeatedly referred to his love for the club - failed to explain which particular areas he feels he and his fellow Board members have fallen short in, he insisted that steps were being taken behind the scenes in order to improve the situation.

"We are listening," he said. "We're starting to meet supporters' groups but it's very hard to meet everybody and see what they all want. We're trying to do what we can. I know the fans are not happy and that makes me unhappy. The supporters want more ups than downs but we had too many downs and we've got to do better."

One of the major changes planned is for Sullivan, who has essentially been acting as the club's Director of Football to no longer be involved with transfers and "delegate" all responsibility - with a complete overhaul of the transfer policy promised, just days after former Head of Recruitment Tony Henry was dismissed for employing a racist recruitment policy.

Sulivan also added that he "hopes we'll spend our money better", wants David Moyes to remain at the club "for many, many years" and insisted that he would try to make the oft-criticised Olympic Stadium "a bit better".

You may listen to the full interview on the club's website.