Friday, 22nd February 2019
The opposition view: Watford
Filed: Monday, 12th February 2018
Author: Staff Writer

This week young James Collins comes in for the most praise, although once again there's widespread comdemnation from visiting supporters for the poor old OS. This week's OV's coming at you from a bunch of ornery 'Ornets...

"Very disappointing. The fact that we had about 70 per cent possession in the second half and rarely troubled their 'keeper shows how bad we are up front. We made Collins look like a world class defender. We were up against a good forward line today, and our desperate attack just magnifies the mistakes we make at the back."
- zztop

"I really think Moyes should take some praise from that. Unfashionable, I know, but there it is: he'd done his homework, our left flank was neutralised, crowded out, particularly by playing Collins as a sort of right-sided sweeper. I've never rated him, but he did a good job today. Janmat was deliberately targetted by fast, direct players - he is a good player going forward but so, so slow. As the game wore on it seemed to me Watford were trying desperately to apply themselves by keeping to a team formula but, in doing so, slowed their game down - they should have thrown caution to the wind and played at breakneck pace - but that requires a mobile set of targets up front, of course. For all our disappointment this was a very tight, cautious match and the first goal was clearly going to be all-important. They deserved the win, but West Ham only really shaded it."
- Forzainglese

"Our main influence in midfield, Doucoure, was pressed by Noble. Their main influence in midfield, Noble, was allowed the freedom of the park by Doucoure. I think Watford not having coaches familiar with English football costs us. Any fan would tell them Noble is West Ham's fulcrum; that Antonio has never played left wing back so Deulofeu should stay wide to make him defend and that Collins is absolutely crap at every aspect of defending except headed clearances, so punting every ball at Deeney was the tactic least likely to be effective."
- pder

"I have to admit that Marko Arnautovic is a fine player. Not many sides outside the top six have a player of his quality. That run in the first half made mincemeat of our (admittedly crap) defence."
- wingco

"Deeney got absolutely dominated by Collins, as usually happens when hes up against any defender with an ounce of defensive nous and strength. West Ham played pretty narrow and forced us to stay wide, leaving little option but hopeful balls into the middle for Collins to devour. We started pretty well, moving the ball with some pace and looked like wed be creating chances, but once they began to take control of the middle, all our possession was for nothing. A shame not to build on the momentum of Monday, but hopefully the break will give a few of our injured platoon to return."
- luke_golden

"Watched the game from the West Ham corporate seats, so thoughtful of the team not to give me reason to jump up and celebrate. West Ham had an added aggression about their play today which saw them win the balls that mattered in the middle. To be fair to Moyes he had them fighting and defending dilligently, which is why all of that second half possession came to very little. Deulofeu is a little magician, Im convinced hell make a huge difference to us for the rest of the season. It's the right time for a couple of weeks break and hopefully well have a couple of players back by the time we return."
- Travis Bickle

"The West Ham fan base is pretty dire add to that the adopted Arsenal mentality of 'sack the board' they have adopted. Football is not cheap to follow and I will never take for granted the opportunity I have to go and won't throw the toys out at a loss or start hating the team from top to bottom. I'm happy to be critical of a performance but not to the detriment of enjoying the experience. But today? **** stadium, **** crowd (not our fans bar the nob in the white coat), **** facilities for a newly built stadium and a to-and-from walk that felt forever. A depressing day."
- Top three finish

"Was sat in the home 'end' for this, casting envious glances across at the people in the Watford section. As everyone knows, West Ham fans are genuine scum. I don't hate West Ham, I just wish they didn't exist. We were clearly better than them, but didn't fight hard enough and slumped to an extremely frustrating defeat."
- ITK platypus

"The whole team just looked lacklustre. Whether that was down to lack of consistency, mental fatigue after a huge win or just being a bit crap, we struggled as a team and it showed. Criticism for Deeney seems over the top to me - yep, he certainly was in Collins' back pocket yesterday, but why does this make him finished at this level? Sometimes, it's the centre-half's day. The league this season sees one side in a class of their own, four sides a step up in class from the rest, one possibly in that group depending what weekend they're playing and the rest with hardly anything between them. Last week West Ham stunk the place out at Brighton and we destroyed Chelsea! Most importantly, I think we've improved since the snake slithered away."
- Jossy

"We have the players and the team that are going to produce an outstanding performance one week and something shocking the next. I don't think we played awfully. I don't think we played well either but we weren't awful. We had no luck, the clearance for their second could have gone anywhere. We created a few chances and may be just that clinical striker away from maybe turning a game like that around. I was cold. I was wet. But I was not terribly disappointed. I can take a game like that one week if it means we get games like Monday night on top."
- Meh!

"Capoue absolutely is not good enough for a team hovering around mid-table, unless that team has immediate plans to get relegated. The type of player he is, which is lazy and abdicating responsibility whilst playing directly in the centre of the park nine games out of every 10, is incredibly dangerous. It's not like a winger who flatters to deceive, jinking about to little effect up near their box; he is directly responsible for opposition midfield's coming straight through us, very often. When he's not doing that, he's lazily getting mugged for the ball, leading directly to a counter attack, or passing to no one, leading to a counter attack. Capoue costs us."
- Chumlax

"That was grim and what a soulless stadium, we didn't play great and West Ham were not much better bar the two goals (which count for a bit). I was in block 218, had a couple of right nobs in our away support. Fair enough, West Ham supporters are a bit **** but some nob our end in a white jacket was offering them up outside 8D. I was a couple rows behind him so made sure I left well after him, as he has every chance of getting filled in."
- Top three finish

"First time at the London Stadium and I think its terrible for football. The view is dire and there is absolutely no atmosphere. Its a hike from Stratford, the rain didn't help, and then huge queues to get searched. Huge gaps between upper and lower tiers all round look ugly. When they go down to the Championship, (which will be soon), then it'll be shown up for the white elephant that it is. I love our ground even more after going there. As for the game, well a West Ham friend of ours who we met afterwards said we were one of the better teams to play there this season!"
- Diamond

"Disappointing after Monday night. I thought we deserved a draw and probably would have got one had they not fluked their second against the run of play. What a shit-hole the Olympic Stadium is. It didn't seem to bother me last season (the result probably helped) but everything about West Ham away is now dire - the long hike from Stratford station through the hideous shopping centre, past the Soviet style flats and on through the wastelands that surround the 'Brady Bowl' while being policed all the way by an army of Somalians in luminous coats with 'stop and go' boards - the whole experience is dreadful. Feel sorry for the Hammers fans who have to endure this every week."
- Lloyd

"I first went to football in 1973 and I've been to hundreds and hundreds of games since then, not just Watford ones. So to the cretin in the red Cycle Confident kagoule, stood behind me yesterday, congratulations - you are easily the most tiresome, irritating and witless prick I've ever encountered at a match anywhere. Thanks."
- another_mrlizard

"Can't be bothered to comment on the performance due to the fact it's late and I'm drunk, other than to say there was a bit of a Chelsea hangover. But what a soulless, clinical, dire stadium. I actually feel sorry for West Ham fans who have gone from a pretty intense and engaging stadium to what must be so depressing a place to attend each week. Miles away from the pitch. Songs don't carry at all. What a disconnect from the players. I would hate it if we had to play there every week. It is not a football stadium. Poor West Ham fans."
- Meh!

"The stadium is an impressive ground to look at with ok views outside, but it's hard to think of any other positives about it. Using an athletics track for a football pitch makes for a poor atmosphere when we're so far back (no slight on the West Ham fans, who were the most vocal home crowd I've seen for a while) and I can sympathise with the not so 'appy 'Ammers, the whole move was poorly planned and executed. Did they not think that using such a massive ground for football with only one transport hub nearby was going to cause crowd problems? The Olympics were different because it was summer and there were other events and people weren't in so much of a hurry to get away. Seems even their own fans after 30 odd games still aren't sure of the best way to head back home!"
- LondonOrn

"One guy was so angry he had to cross the stairs to swear at the West Ham fans - then fell down the stairs, much to their amusement. Summed up the day for me."
- MarlonsCellMate