Sunday, 16th December 2018
'Rush Hour Crush' released
Filed: Tuesday, 13th March 2018
Author: Staff Writer

KUMB reader Daniel Stone has just released his second book, an "edgy romantic thriller" entitled 'Rush Hour Crush'.

The author's second release, following his 2013 debut 'When the Pilot Light Goes Out', 'Crush', centres on main protagonist 'Joan' and her mundane, everyday existence, which is occasionally brightened by the Rush Hour Crush segment in the daily newspaper.

Stone, who has been a member of the KUMB Forum since 2004 told us: "I first came by KUMB around the time an old school friend died. Phil had been a reader and possibly a poster and regularly passed on news and gossip. I was intrigued and even more so after he died. I suppose I was seeking some sort of solace.

"After getting into the habit of adding my thoughts on a unbelievable range of subjects ranging from depression, brexit, fashion, history, useless jokes, Balti pies and puffins being the toughest creatures in the world(!), it has become second nature to me.

"About ten years ago following the loss of my grandad and a particularly rocky period in my life I started writing seriously.

"Rush Hour Crush is my attempt at an edgy romantic thriller that tells the story of Joan, a character inspired by a few of the amazing matriarchal figures I have known. Joan’s life is a succession of disasters involving bereavement, illness and abuse. All fun subjects!

"The little comfort she eventually finds is whilst reading the Rush Hour Crush segment in the daily newspaper, a concept thought up by an old school friend.

"Despite being desperately unlucky in love and life Joan battles on. Whilst being questioned by the police, the reader is transported back through Joan’s life, and that helps us to understand how a lovely lady has come to be in a cell facing a murder charge."

You may purchase a copy of Rush Hour Crush from for as little as £2.10 (Kindle edition) from Amazon.