Monday, 27th May 2019
New supporters group launches
Filed: Thursday, 14th March 2019
Author: Staff Writer

A group of West Ham supporters have joined together to launch a new fans initiative.

Hammers United launched on Thursday; a statement released by the group read as follows:

"Some of us met on March 2 to discuss an association dedicated to improving things for the supporters of West Ham United. Many of us have been discussing this with friends and colleagues for the past few weeks. And we believe the time is now right.

We launch Hammers United on March 14th. We make no promises, save that we will do our very best for our members and West Ham United Supporters. Hammers United is a West Ham fans group dedicated to improving things for all West Ham supporters.

1. We aim to engage the Club’s Board in meaningful discussion aimed at improving things for West Ham supporters.

(a) The matchday experience at The London Stadium needs massive improvement.

(b) We will also seek discussion on other matters important to Supporters such as ticketing, prices, mascots, stewarding, memorial garden, facilities for disabled supporters, Champions Place stones and club heritage. Indeed on any matters of concern raised by our members.

2. We will encourage the club’s Board to sanction substantial investment in the club’s playing squad to give West Ham United the best possible chance of success on the pitch.

3. We are a non–political group. Our only interest is the supporters of West Ham United.

4. We will not be seeking any financial commitment from our members at all.

5. This is not a protest group. It would be great if the Board delivered on all fronts. However,should they not deliver then we need to be organised - and both ready and able to challenge them if the need arises."

Anyone interested in joining the group may do so by visiting the group's Facebook page or website for further information.