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Olympic Stadium

Keeping an eye on the latest developments regarding the club's impending move to Stratford.

arrow Fans urged to support OS pollution petition [2nd November '16]
arrow OS costs rival Arsenal's Emirates stadium [1st November '16]
arrow Rip it up and start again [1st November '16]
arrow Stadium operators to oppose capacity rise [14th October '16]
arrow Stadium operaters foil THIRTEEN break in attempts [7th October '16]
arrow Stadium break-in raises yet more security concerns [3rd October '16]
arrow More BG stewards walk out in protest [3rd October '16]
arrow Who sold our season tickets? [3rd October '16]
arrow Empty seats due to capacity limit, claims Sullivan [3rd October '16]
arrow Club receive fresh security guarantee [21st September '16]
arrow Bonds: it's not a football ground but we'll embrace it [20th September '16]
arrow Stadium infrastructure obsolete, say Met Police [13th September '16]
arrow West Ham demand OS Police presence [12th September '16]
arrow Another game, no improvements says steward [12th September '16]
arrow West Ham threaten life bans [10th September '16]
arrow Changes afoot, say stadium operators [9th September '16]
arrow More stewards reveal OS fears [7th September '16]
arrow OS move a 'nightmare', says steward [6th September '16]
arrow Fans blamed for capacity cap [5th September '16]
arrow Don't blame me, says fight steward [26th August '16]
arrow Fans call for OS security overhaul [26th August '16]
arrow New season tickets to be issued [24th August '16]
arrow Settling in nicely? The fans speak [22nd August '16]
arrow OS operators apologies for missing seats [22nd August '16]
arrow Bournemouth clash marred by angry scenes [22nd August '16]
arrow Capacity raised for Bournemouth clash [17th August '16]
arrow Hey dude, where's my seat? [9th August '16]
arrow Fans call for safe standing at the OS [8th August '16]
arrow Affordable football, unaffordable phone bills [4th August '16]
arrow Hammers prepare to smash attendance record [3rd August '16]
arrow OS turns a bit more West Ham [1st August '16]
arrow Brady confirms wrap installation dates [25th July '16]
arrow Fans to face OS travel turmoil [18th July '16]
arrow Sign of the times [18th July '16]
arrow West Ham demand Roan apology [29th June '16]
arrow Sowing the seeds of love [9th June '16]
arrow West Ham unveil new stadium images [2nd June '16]
arrow World Cup winners take centre stage [28th May '16]
arrow That's a wrap! Permission granted for new solution [25th May '16]
arrow Mixed messages over opening match [22nd May '16]
arrow Hammers top London season ticket sales [9th May '16]
arrow Hammers top 50,000 season ticket holders [29th April '16]
arrow The Olympic Stadium deal - in full [14th April '16]
arrow LLDC ordered to spill the beans on OS deal [11th April '16]
arrow West Ham seeking extended OS capacity [9th March '16]
arrow Gale fears for Olympic Stadium atmosphere [5th February '16]
arrow No ground share without our say so, insist West Ham [26th January '16]
arrow LLDC veto West Ham's veto [25th January '16]
arrow Spurs' Boleyn move vetoed [21st October '15]
arrow LLDC release fresh OS contract details [21st October '15]

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