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By: Andy Green
Publisher: Flexible Thinking Forum
Price: £9.99

Tubespiration! is about turning your next Tube trip - or any commute - into an inspirational journey.

In an age of dimninishing thinking time, growing hyper-attention – with lower boredom thresholds, and more people disconnecting with their offline world while travelling – Tubespiration! is a welcome relief and practical toolkit to help you get your next brilliant idea, by using the London Underground, and its rich 150 year history, as a creativity tool.

You can enjoy the ‘Tubespiration!’ book, join one of our ‘Tubespiration Expedition Tours’ on the London Underground, or book a ‘Tubespiration! Training’ course for your team, receive our daily inspirational Tubespiration! Tweets, or even submit your ideas on how the London Underground can be improved

Tubespiration! has been launched by the Flexible Thinking Forum, a not-for-profit social enterprise. It works to help people and organizations make the most of their potential and situations by improving their creative thinking and opportunity-spotting skills.

‘Tubespiration! is the idea of leading creative thinking expert, Londoner and KUMB.com regular Andy Green. The book contains over 150 different tools or creative prompts using the story and experiences of the Underground to help you get new ideas or solutions for anything, from the petty to the profound during your travels.

The book celebrates both the first and the next 150 years of the London Underground and the 80th anniversary of the publication of Harry Beck’s iconic Tube map design.

To promote the message of improving your creative thinking and tackling the growing issue of hyper-attention, the Flexible Thinking Forum has launched ’Thinking Thursdays’. We are encouraging people for one day a week to go without using their headphones or playing computer games on their daily commutes - and where posible raise funds for, and support the work of ReThink Mental Health.

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