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30m not enough, Terry?

Filed: Friday, 4th May 2007
By: Matthew O'Greel

Terence Brown is reportedly set to launch legal action against West Ham's new owners after they ripped up his contract in the wake of last week's 5.5m League fine.

Brown - who, as part of the deal to sell the club was set to remain on his existing contract until 2009 - has been told that he will get not a penny more from the club as they seek to retrieve some of the massive fine imposed upon them by the League last Friday.

The former Hammers Chairman - who was already a hated figure for many supporters due to his bungled handling of the club during his 14-year tenure - personally walked away with over 30m from the sale of West Ham United last November.

Yet he is apparently determined to sue the new Icelandic owners for his remaining two years' contract thought to be worth around 2m plus benefits including seats in the directors box for both home and away games.

The BBC's Sports Editor, Mihir Bose, having apparently spoken with Brown said last night:

"Brown is now threatening to take legal action. West Ham hold him responsible for what they allege is a breach of trust as chairman.

"His contract allowed him to earn 1.5m until 31 May 2009, and it had all sorts of other privileges such as directors' box seats and the job of vice-president.

"That has all gone and he is furious and threatening to take legal action."

New Chairman Eggert Magnusson threw Brown out of the club back in January when the extent of the problems involving the Mascherano and Tevez transfer were revealed, and he has since had his contract terminated.

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