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Anton: day three

Filed: Thursday, 15th November 2007
By: Matthew O'Greel

Anton Ferdinand has claimed that he only became involved in a fight outside Faces nightclub in order to protect a friend.

Ferdinand - who was in court for the third successive day to defend charges of affray - admitted that he struck the defedent, a Mr Emile Walker, although claimed that it was in self-defence.

"I looked to my right and I saw Emile Walker aggressively running towards my friend," said Ferdinand. "My purpose was to go and protect my friend.

"When he [Mr Walker] turned around I felt frightened because he did turn around aggressively and I knew it was time to defend myself. I tried to swing at him, to contain him, to grab him, to keep him close to me so he couldn't do anything to me.

"He was trying to come across to hit me and I'm trying to get to him to try and contain him."

Ferdinand denied that he was drunk at the time of the incident - and claimed that as he was leaving the club he felt a kick from behind.

He also rejected a suggestion that he was an aggressive person - citing the fact that he has never been sent off whilst playing for West Ham United and his charitable work with youngsters.

The case - being heard at Snaresbrook Crown Court by Judge William Kennedy - is due to continue tomorrow.

The case so far

Day One: the court hears the case for both the prosecution and the defence.

Day Two: Ferdinand gives evidence, claiming that he felt threatened by Walker and his friends outside the club. He admitted to having thrown the first punch, although claimed that this was because he thought Walker may be hiding a weapon.

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Your Comments

by MO'G
11:55AM 20th Nov 2007
''"To comment on the rights and wrongs of this case while it continues is sub judice and potentially puts writer and publisher at risk of contempt of court."

Were KUMB doing so then you may well be right. As it is the site is merely reporting the facts as reported everywhere else (BBC etc).''

by david de barrie
07:11AM 16th Nov 2007
''To comment on the rights and wrongs of this case while it continues is sub judice and potentially puts writer and publisher at risk of contempt of court.

However on a matter unrelated to the case, I think Ferdinand's remarks that he was worried about his 64,000 wrist watch says a lot about the frailties of hugely-rewarded footballers and Anton Ferdinand in particular.

'Faces' is an Ilford night club used by local working people not 'Annabels' or somewhere else exclusive up the West End.

What does a premiership footballer need to prove by flaunting high-ticket bling in front of the people who contribute to his wages from very much smaller incomes?

That is the 64,000 question.''

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