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Harris 'expects' West Ham sale

Filed: Wednesday, 12th November 2008
By: Staff Writer

Takeover king Keith Harris has told the Guardian that he expects West Ham to be sold sooner rather than later.

Harris, Chairman of merchant bank Seymour Price was the intermediary in the sales of Chelsea, Manchester City, Aston Villa and West Ham - whilst he is currently involved in finding buyers for Newcastle and Everton.

Although he had heard nothing from United owner Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson of late, Harris admitted that he believes the 67-year-old will be forced to sell imminently.

"He was one of the wealthiest men in what was a very wealthy country," said Harris. "His intentions were entirely honourable.

"The fact that the Iceland banking system was over-leveraged and hanging by a thread, I don't think anybody knew at the time. The collapse was due to the turbulence of the global financial system and not something anybody could have envisaged."

Harris admitted to the paper that West Ham's takeover had 'gone wrong' - as did that of Manchester City, whose former owner Thaksin Shinawatra was forced to sell-up just 14 months after purchasing the club.

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by g portugal
07:03AM 15th Nov 2008
''Agree that bringing in a couple less high profile names, but with good fitness records and a real desire to help build something at WHU instead of just looking to sell themselves to the next highest bidder would help. Although the economic climate is poor I still feel that the club will be sold before the end of this season. The club has a tremendous heritage and history with a massively loyal fan base,and someone will emerge who will want to have a piece of that.''

by Kit Robinson
10:12AM 14th Nov 2008
''Whatever our situation is or becomes, isn't about time Kia Joorabchian started to have some influence at the club by bringing in some players? Otherwise I don't really see what he is doing for the club because it doesn't look like he is helping at all with regard to Sheffield Uniteds' compensation claim.''

by The 6th Green
06:06AM 14th Nov 2008
''All very well in theory, Russell - but there is very little loyalty from players now. George McCartney was the sort of player who was exactly that type of player, played well every week and look what he did. The dilemna is whether to sell and bring on the kids who aren't quite there yet and hope for the best or sell our regular injury cases like Ashton just to see them have a long run of success elsewhere.''

by Badger
06:04PM 13th Nov 2008
''I'm not sure about Keith Harris. I think we need to get Orville's view before we start to take this seriously...''

by bradley
04:50PM 13th Nov 2008
''I agree but if we were to sell players with high pay we need more talented players coming in. I'm getting sick of West Ham at the minute.''

by SteveD
03:48PM 13th Nov 2008
''Who would buy WHU ? Plenty, best time to buy in fact. I do with agree with Russell, it's time to dig in and not do daft things like get relegated. That would be the financial killer blow for us and set us back years again. Back to basics I say .... we win a few, lose a few, but always used to to be up for the crack and play classy stuff. Good time to get on a run now, with all the "Top 4", "be in Europe" gags pulled, we can get on with it quietly now. New manager and coaches appear to be good, and I do hope with all this Italian influence around we are going to unearth a new Paulo Di Canio, and not just see the raft of his uncles and third cousins that have turned up for a few games and to sight see. Time to go for it .. get Fiat on the shirts (before QPR do!) Mr Duxbury deserves a holiday .... a nice long one, and not on WHU expenses! Not made the smartest of decisions of late (or early come to that!) On the playing side, bin the 3AM brigade, its 3PM stars we need! Deparately need another Dicksie to spook anyone (inc Irons!) hanging around in our half, and someone exciting to watch in their half ..... roll on January sales !''

by Russell Burke
12:48PM 13th Nov 2008
''It's all very well saying WHU will be sold soon - but who would buy them with the financial situation the way it is? I've only heard that it's gonna get worse next year. I work as an English teacher in Austria and one branch of a large company where I work has stopped all new classes from starting and some of the staff are afraid their one year contracts won't be renewed for fear of what will happen next year. So I think the Hammers should sell those players they have on big salaries and also one or two of the forever-crocked and by cutting the wage bill AND the squad I'm sure Zola could buy, say, one player for every 2 or 3 sold. Having so many players coming in and out of the team on such high wages is killing us. I would prefer to get not so famous players who'd play week in week out and who have a bit of loyalty. ''

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