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Steady as she goes

Filed: Monday, 8th June 2009
By: Staff Writer

A spokesman for West Ham United's new owners CB Holdings has rebuffed predictable suggestions of impending player sales.

With the (national) media doing their best to whip up something juicy from what on the face of it appears to be one of the least interesting football club takeovers in recent years idle speculation has led to rumours surfacing that the new owners will seek to 'asset strip' Gianfranco Zola's first team squad.

Not so, according to CBH spokesman Georg Andersen - who stated quite categorically that the football 'project' would remain in the hands of CEO Scott Duxbury and his team, whilst Andersen and his partners at CBH will presumably concentrate on seeking a buyer for a business which they now own almost by default.

"We want to make a clear distinction between the financial side of the club and the football side," Andersen told the BBC. "We will leave the football side of the business to Gianluca Nani, Scott Duxbury and Gianfranco Zola while we focus on the financial side.

"Selling our best players would make absolutely no business sense, because it would jeopardise the potential future price. We will try to hold the value of the club and enhance it if possible.

"We are not going to throw money around left and right - we don't run businesses that way. When the markets return and we get offered a decent price, as well as someone who can support the club better than we do, we will sell.

"We don't think it's feasible to try and sell the club at the moment though and can't realistically see anything happening in the next two years. Of course anything is for sale if the price is right, but we can't see that happening tomorrow."

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by Ben
01:41PM 9th Jun 2009
''Business is business, and football is golden. I always look forward to reading some comedy sketches in national papers. By now Upson has been to Man City, back, and could be heading to Aston Villa......I'm on tenterhooks for the next bout of billy bullsh*t. Cometh on you Irons.''

by jamie
11:33AM 9th Jun 2009
''Let's not kid ourselves here - this is no buyout or takeover by CB, all they have done is take possession of the only asset worth anything from the previous owner's rumbling portfolio. He had no way of paying them back, they saw this and decided that the club was the only thing worth having.

Also reading between the lines they are in trouble themselves having been bailed out by the Icelandic goverment so West Ham will be kept afloat just enough as to be worth selling at hopefully a small profit because CB does not and never intended to own a football club - it was just a way of them salvaging something from a bad debt.

August 6th is the next big date I hear and trouble coud be on the horizon again for us....never dull being a West Ham fan, is it!''

by Tell it how it is Charley
07:52AM 9th Jun 2009
''I think this goes to show what a sorry state West Ham is in financially. 75m debt (26m) over Carlos Tevez. Basically no one wants to buy the club so the creditors are going to hold out in the hope that the general financial climate will change in 3 years time, I wouldn't bank on that one. The creditors knew that if they let West Ham slip into administration this would evoke a 9 point penalty and West Ham's potential relegation. If the club were to be relegated then the club would be finished financially.

All these creditors are concerned about is saving themselves financially; 17th place will suffice for them for the next 3 seasons. Another sorry saga in West Ham's history. This decade has been about greed and self financial interest within the heirarchy which has bought the club to its kness. If you are watching CB Holdings, why don't you offer 25% of the club to its fans? I'm sure there are many genine fans who would love to have an ownership stake in the club that are not driven by financial greed. This would give the fans a representation on the board.

If it's good enough for the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid, why not West Ham?''

by Simon Deane
02:51AM 9th Jun 2009
''Meerkats are quite bright, aren't they?''

by gary portugal
03:31PM 8th Jun 2009
''Good response from the new owners to the rearwipes in the poverty press who print tripe about us selling players. There's about as much chance of the club being "asset stripped" as there is of me being King of England come August 15th.

It's pretty simple. even a meercat could understand it. Except that the scum who write for certain ragsheets have less intelligence than a meercat. As the new owners themselves said, it makes no business sense to sell your best players and to deny the club a chance to move up the table. The best chance the new owners have of making money on their investment is by improving our league position. And credit it to them, they are honest enough to admit that they will not throw money about wily nilly, but they ARE prepared to invest sensibly ie buy players at reasonable prices, with decent fitness records.

Have some of that, yellow rag mupty mups.''

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