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Duxbury on Mancini

Filed: Friday, 26th June 2009
By: Staff Writer

Gianfranco Zola is to try and persuade Inter star Mancini to join the Hammers.

Zola, who landed the Brazilian international's former Inter team mate Luis Jimenez just last week is to try and resurrect the deal which has stalled due to the numerous offers said to have been made to Mancini since news of United's interest was made public.

Zola, who only recently returned from his summer holiday will be in Italy with Hammers CEO Scott Duxbury, who told KUMB.com:

"We're pretty much there with Milan. I'm flying there tomorrow [Saturday] to see the player.

"Jimenez was never an issue. Mancini's a different story because he's got lots of offers and lots of options - so it's down to Gianfranco really.

"I'll get the deal done, I know where we are with it so that won't be an issue - but it's down to Gianfranco. If Gianfranco and Mancini can hit it off and Mancini wants to come then I'm 80% sure it'll happen."

Duxbury - talking exclusively to KUMB.com in our latest Q&A that will appear on the site throughout next week - also said that he was looking forward to seeing new signing Jimenez in action.

"I think that Jimenez is absolutely huge for us - a massive, massive signing," he said. "He's a top drawer player, he's exactly what we've been missing.

"We had a barbeque at Gianfranco's house and were just talking - but his whole team revolves around Jimenez."

Duxbury also defended the club's decision to rely on the loan market to supplement the first team squad, adding: "I'll try and do every deal this way. From a cashflow perspective they're superb."

* Part one of our Q&A with Scott Duxbury will be published this coming Monday.

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by Tell it how it is Charley
12:26PM 27th Jun 2009
''It's good to see that Scott Duxbury holds this site in regard to spend time answering questions. However, concerning Jimenez, does he have the pace to cope with Premier League football? How long will he take to accustomise to English football? Let's not forget that in the Italian league they all light up at half time. The pace is so slow even a 40-year-old can play in the top flight!

I would be very careful to expect too much too soon from Jimenez. You may get far more time on the ball in the Italian league than is the case in the Premier League. With Tevez it took him ? of the season to actually get started; might the same be said of Jimenez?

Hopefully KUMB you saw it fit to ask Duxbury about the terrible finances that the club enjoys. How does the club intend to pay back this vast debt? Until the club has a structure in place to pay these massive debts the club cannot move on. It's the number one issue for me concerning West Ham. Also a strict wage structure. Duxbury through his actions with Ashton clearly upset our best player Green. As KUMB have hinted now Green is not happy. Shouldn't more emphasis be made on games played rather than just 50k a week?

Football contracts for me need to change so there is more incentive for the player to give 100% each week.''

by Richard
07:28AM 27th Jun 2009
''In the current financial climate I agree wholeheartedly with Duxbury over using the loan deals, they are an extra safety for a club like ourselves and done properly they can prove a real boon...if the player makes an impact and is happy with the club. Then having the first option to buy after the loan period is up is just common sense and protects a potential asset being gazumped by another club.

On the other hand, if the player does not settle in, is disruptive or just cannot adapt to the style of football played here then at least we don't have a 5-year contracted player who is sulking, moaning and bitching about everything (Faubert comes to mind) and everyone. So yeah Mr Duxbury, it is a positive way of doing business in the current climate.''

by greg
07:06AM 27th Jun 2009
''If they pull this move off I'll be a pretty happy Hammer. He is quality, fingers crossed.

Be nice to wrap things up by also signing Balotelli as long as he keeps his dummy in his gob. I see him doing well. We shall see !''

by beckton
05:55AM 27th Jun 2009
''Loans being superb from a cashflow perspective, does that just translate into we are skint and have no money for transfers?''

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