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Zola on ... Manchester City

Filed: Tuesday, 29th September 2009
By: Staff Writer

A hugely disappointed Gianfranco Zola shares his thought on last night's defeat ...

Itís not good. I am not happy about it. In my opinion in the first 45 minutes we did not play at all and maybe there was a couple of mistakes from the referee but that is part of the game. The standard that I am expecting from the team is much more than that.

I think in the second half we were much better and we tried in a better way. The first half in my opinion was not good enough. You canít afford to come to places like this and just give presents to the opposition. They are too good and will take advantage of a minimum opportunity and thatís what they did today?

Of course we have [a better team than position suggests]. But at the moment we havenít been able to show. Unless we do more than we are doing it is not good enough. I know the potential of these players and I have no doubt that we are soon going to come back to the position that we deserve. But for the moment it is not good enough. So for everyone, and I put myself first, we need to ask more about ourselves.

I am angry with myself, with my team, with everybody right now that anyone including is doing what he is capable of Ė it is as simple as that. I see these players training and the way they train is absolutely fantastic and we need to take that on the pitch as a team not as individuals so I am not pleased. First of all with myself. I am the first one. I have blame for myself first.

If the belief is not there it is better if we go and do something else. The belief is always the main thing. Along with the belief there has to be a better effort from everybody.

I was really impressed today with Manchester City and some of the quality they played over there was outstanding. If they play this standard they are going to be up there at the end. I think in the top four as they have the quality to be there.

Please guys do not ask me to go into details. The details are for me and my players and not for you with all due respect. We are preparing for a cup final on Sunday so everybody will be picking up the best thunder they can give, including myself.

[On Tevez] Great players like he is are also gentlemen and he showed that so my appreciation to him. Not only for what he did after the celebration but what he did in the rest of the game. I think he had been outstanding for them. He and Bellamy were terrific today.

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by jase (MCFC)
07:45PM 29th Sep 2009
''You played some good stuff. Cole is a right handful, just looks like you're lacking a bit of organisation. Good luck for the rest of the season Hammers.''

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