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Zola on ... Wolves

Filed: Wednesday, 24th March 2010
By: Staff Writer

A defiant Gianfranco Zola shares his thoughts on tonight's demoralising defeat against Wolves at the Boleyn.

Did Wolves work harder?

They were certainly better than us. Whether they were more up for it than us, I don't know. My players tried their best but we did it in a disjointed way and we made it very difficult for ourselves.

It's not that they didn't try - they tried, but they tried in a disorganised way. That is very, very painful for me because obviously that is my duty to correct it, so I take full responsibility for that. Now there's only one way, just react.

We've got another big game coming on Saturday which is going to be more difficult that this one because we have to play against a team that is strong. Also we'll have to get the crowd behind us and this is going to be another tough thing to do. That's all I can say.

How do you lift the players? That must really hit their confidence.

It does, but we have to start somewhere - so we will be working on that.

How did you feel about the fans chanting at you?

The lucky thing is that I don't understand many words! But that's okay, it's normal. The team is not performing very well right now and I take responsibility for that, so I have to stand that criticism.

Last year when we were playing well they were filling me with compliments so now they are blaming me I have to take that as well, becasue it's part of the job. I have no problem [with that], my concern is the team. I need to make sure they react straight away and I have a long night in front of me to think about it.

Worried you may not have enough time to turn it round?

I try to focus on the things can I can do rather than worry about the things I can't. We'll see, whether I'm going to be able to do that I don't know, we will see. But as I said, I've got a long night in front of me to think about it and see what way we can go.

James Tomkins - replaced because of the mistake?

No, it was because he had a pain in his foot. He felt something in his foot and there was a problem.

Was he very upset?

Obviously, as you can imagine. He's a 20-year-old boy and he's made a mistake that has been very costly so you can imagine [how he feels]. But he has to learn, he has to become stronger if he wants to survive in this competitive world.

The pressure - too much for the youngsters?

Pressure doesn't help, but we are all in this together and we have to react together. The younger ones, they have to become older quicker because the situation requires that.

Fans chanting 'you're not fit to wear the shirt'. Unfair?

I think it's a little bit unfair because the players tried everything - you cannot say they didn't try. I think it's unfair, if they want to pick on somebody then pick on me - I'm responsible for the team, they tried and they worked very hard until the end. They worked more as individuals than as a team but that is my responsibility. But if they want to chant something, chant at me - not them.

The players, they have to leave them - because they belong to West Ham, they're working for West Ham and they're committed to West Ham. Okay? That is the thing they have to realise. If they want to pick on somebody, they can pick on me - I've no problem. I took the compliments, I can take the criticism - but they have to leave the players in peace.

Carlton [and the fans] at the end. Did you see it?

No I didn't see that, I've just been told that he was having problems with some fans. I don't know, I didn't hear it so I cannot comment on that. But again, Carlton Cole represents West Ham and he's trying. Whether he's not playing at his best now is another matter, but he's trying.

The players have to go on the pitch feeling confident. We don't help them like that.

The owners - will they give you time to get the club out of trouble?

It's okay, the owners can do whatever they feel is the right thing to do. I try to do my work as best as I can, every single day. If it's not considered good enough it's no problem, they can tell me.

So you're not worried?

I told you - I have no time, no desire to be worrying about [such] things. Worrying doesn't help me to do a better job... I have concerns.

Positives - Parker was exceptional and Franco to start on Saturday?

We'll see. I think Parker has done very, very well. Guillermo, when he came on was unbelieveable, he played very well. He was professional and played from his heart but I knew he is a player like that. We will see, as I said - it's too early but it might be an option.

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by gary portugal
12:03PM 25th Mar 2010
''At this stage of the season, with this much at stake it is about one thing: DESIRE. Either you have it or you don't. And at the moment I can list on one hand the names of those West Ham players that have it. Any West Ham player who thinks that it is acceptable to be outfought should get himself a life. And a new career. ''

by co3reporting
08:28PM 24th Mar 2010
''Look I don't think we need to labour the point about last night. We all know it was just terrible, with the exception of Franco who deserved his goal right at the end for being the only one who looked capable of making a difference, but what does concern me in our plight is that there seems to be some unexpected surprise in the camp that teams are going to come and get after us, control the game and play well. GZ stated this post match last night and it was also there in the Burnley away game as stated by Carlton Cole post match then. If we can't spot this coming then tactically that is just naive. Of course these teams are going to get in our faces to try to stop us playing. We all know it so where's the surprise?

We need to catch ourselves on and quick because we've got seven more teams who are going to get after us and if we're not ready for it we are in serious trouble!''

by Dayster
08:15PM 24th Mar 2010
''Theres a lot of fair comment here - the fans were right to vent their anger at such a disorganised dis-spirited performance - a six-pointer, at home, under lights, full house, great pre-match atmosphere - where were we? We should have been at the oppos throats from the start. The worst performance I have ever seen in my 32 years as a fan.

That said - Saturday the fans MUST get behind the team - why help Stoke? Last night the players desrved some stick, but come Saturday let's take the roof off the place - we need play-off passion for the remainder of our home games!''

by Niran Ade-Onojobi
12:17PM 24th Mar 2010
''This is a painful defeat for all those connected to the club. Wolves were supremely in command. Zola needs to come out with the steel needed to manage a relegation threthened team to safety. The players must demonstrate character, commitment and determination to stay up. Concentration must be absolute. Hammers belong to the Premier League and must remain there. Relegation will be disastrous, catastrophic and undeserving for all connected to this great football club.''

by wof
11:56AM 24th Mar 2010
''We are in a bad way at the moment but let's all get behind the team. Let's make Upton Park a fortress and vent all our anger at the opposition, not our own team.

Leaving halfway through a game and booing our own lads makes it much easier for the opposition. Stoke will have seen how some of our own fans behaved and will try and repeat it when we play them ... so lets not help them out! ''

by Niran Ade-Onojobi
10:34AM 24th Mar 2010
''The result against Wolves was most demoralizing and catastrophic. We did not play well as a team. Zola must put an end to this continuous run of bad results and poor form and ensure that we climb to safety.

We can no longer allow this bad patch to continue. The entire team should be reorganised during the summer to ensure productivity.''

by Mike
10:16AM 24th Mar 2010
''I'm pleased Zola saw how disjointed we are and I'm also delighted to see that its only taken the five losses to realise this!

The midfield just does not work. Parker and Behrami huff and puff, and they cover some immense ground but they never look to be cutting open defences when going forward.

Diamanti is a one trick pony, I would relish the chance at marking him, just keep showing him on to his right because all he wants to do is ping it with his left every chance he gets.

We won't even get started on Kovac...

Lets get Collison and Noble back in the mix and...dare I say it get rid of Diamanti....Wolves played succinct, traditional overlapping football and made it look easy.

Stoke would take that team last night apart. ''

by Nigel Stockley
10:09AM 24th Mar 2010
''This is the biggest load of bollocks ever put out by a West Ham manager. The guy is just not up to it so he must GO! ''

by Tell it how it is Charley
09:17AM 24th Mar 2010
''The words 'bloody awful' spring to mind. I think they were showing some tiredness from the Arsenal game but Wolves also had a big derby game at the weekend. There was just nothing from West Ham . No desire, no passion they appeared totally devoid of any creativity. I think much more should be expected from the likes of Diamatri, Kovac, Cole. We hardly saw any thing of Stanaslas in the second half.

The worrying thing about Zola is that he cannot keep the same side that's the only notion where you're ever likely to get consistency. I think two more wins will do, 34 points will be OK but you do have to worry about next season. The club in all but in name bankrupt with a clear out of major earners in the summer. I cannot say I have much excitement about next season. The team they have should not be in the mess they are in now. Same old West Ham as soon as the ship looks to be sailing towards cailm waters the wheels always come off.''

by Dave Stannard
09:11AM 24th Mar 2010
''Shame Cole did'nt have the passion during the game! Instead of getting in the fans faces after 90 minutes he should have been in the wolves defence faces. Three England internationls don't think any of them will be going to the World Cup in June.

Our back four is a different line up every game and it shows, come to that the midfield is never the same two games on the bounce or the strike force, compared to Wolves who have had the same starting 11 for several games.

We aint playing as a team, Upson aint a leader, the captain's arm band is wasted on him. Green aint England no.1 and Kovac and Behrami just aint got it this season.

Zola needs to have more fire and passion on the side line. Things aint looking good, looks like it's Championship footy next season. Been there, done that and hated every minute!''

by Justin
08:22AM 24th Mar 2010
''As a season ticket holder I've seen some great games this year.

Most of the games we've played really well only to be unlucky with a few chances and lose by one, while others we got the three points.

I agree last night was woeful, and I can't help but question whether or not Zola really thinks they were trying their hardest because to me it seemed there were a few just seeing out the season in hope to be approached by other teams.

Having said that, I was equally appalled by the fans attitude to the players, including Tomkins after that terrible mistake.

It doesn't help anyone to boo players during the match and as the half time whistle is blown, least of all the players. All that does is give the opposition in the dressing room knowing they are in front.

I've read lots in the lead up to this game, plus many others, where the coach/owners/players talk about the crowd becoming the 12th man. In last nights instance, we became that 12th man for the Wolves.

For the first time I'm actually not looking forward to this Saturday at the football, and I hope that Zola and his men can help change that, because rest assured I will be cheering and blowing bubbles regardless.''

by miki
01:35AM 24th Mar 2010
'' Ok - Now I'm worried. My heart tells me we will scrape it but I think that is only because the teams below us are doing even worse. Doesn't help when people are saying our team is to good to go down... like when 'half the England' team took us down a few years back!

I just want us to scrape it now. I personally would like to keep Zola and have him have the summer to re-arrange things and come back next year stronger. Though, given everything - owners, players, money available - that just means looking forward to a mid-table season!''

by Charlie Watkins
01:29AM 24th Mar 2010
''What can be said? Are the players trying, no, is the manager getting it all wrong, perhaps, are West Ham one of the biggest side's in London? Pfffff they are a laughing stock on this performance.

May as well just pack it all in and support Dagenham instead!''

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