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Are you Hackett in disguise?

Filed: Monday, 14th March 2011
By: Staff Writer

Referee Mike Jones has been slammed for his diabolical performance in yesterday's FA Cup quarter final between Stoke and West Ham.

The official, who allowed both Stoke goals to stand despite blatant fouls in the build-up to both, gave a penalty that never was for a Matthew Etherington dive and then refused to award West Ham a penalty when James Tomkins was wrestled to the ground inside the Stoke penalty box has been hailed 'the new Keith Hackett' by furious Hammers fans.

Cheats... Huth pulls Hitzlsperger to the ground as Higginbotham prepares to strike

Hackett was the referee who quite disgracefully sent Tony Gale off in the FA Cup semi-final against Nottingham Forest some 21 years ago, ending that particular game as a contest. However Jones' string of misdemeanours makes Hackett's err pale into insignificance.

The moment Keith Hackett became an enemy to all West Ham fans - Villa Park, 1991

Jones: Stoke games 2010/11 season

Chester's Mike Jones has officiated four of Stoke City's games this season - three of which they have won with the fourth a draw.

Newcastle 1-2 Stoke; Wigan 2-2 Stoke; Blackburn 0-2 Stoke; Stoke 2-1 West Ham Utd

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by beard
02:08PM 16th Mar 2011
''Blatant hand ball. Foul in Stoke's second goal. The penalty didn't matter so why complain still? For the first goal if you give a foul for that there will never be a goal scored from a set piece ever again. Tomkins give as good as he got for the penalty shout it's just he went down easily and the defender will always win in that position.''

by mikej
09:16AM 16th Mar 2011
''I am sick of everybody saying our goal was hand ball - if you see the reply it was clearly on the shoulder. Yes it looked handball, and I am surprised it wasn't given - even the pundits who had the benefit of slow montion reply said it was handball, they were completely biased. A shoulder is not an arm, or a hand!''

by Madrid Hammer
09:59PM 15th Mar 2011
''And if you look carefully, someone tugs at Parker which is why he also ends up out of the wall...''

by g portugal
08:36PM 15th Mar 2011
''This referee was unfit to wear the shirt. And people have the cheek to moan about female linesmen. 75 per cent of the referees in the Premier League are either poor or mediocre, yet the world football governing bodies forbid the use of video technology. Get into the 21st century FIFA/UEFA morons.''

by ken sanderson
10:15AM 15th Mar 2011
''I agree that those decisions on Sunday were are a total disgrace but to balance it slightly, our goal was as a result of a quite blatent control of the ball using the upper arm and that goal was allowed to stand. That doesn't make the refereeing standards any better but it does show that it was complete incompetence rather than any biaise that the article hints at.''

by jay the hammer
08:52PM 14th Mar 2011
''I thought it was disgraceful. I fully understand that referees are only human and will make mistakes; sometimes they go for you, sometimes against - but I always thought that the ref was there to enforce the laws of the game to the best of his ability, not to make sure that Stoke win at all costs. Because Pullis gave him an ear-bashing at half time over the Piquionne goal (that i'm still not convinced was handball).

I have never witnessed such a biased ref in 35 years of watching football. Tthe man should never be allowed to referee a game again. Etherington should have been booked for the blatant dive, or did the ref tell him to fall over so he could award the penalty? Let's be honest, if we're gonna even the scores in games what about the obstruction on Upson for Stoke's first goal?

I hope Bolton put five past them because I can't think of a more boring Cup final than one involving Pullis' boring, thug Stoke team!''

by derek
08:11PM 14th Mar 2011
''What a poor show for a referee and two linesman in what was a showcase match for the FA Cup. I note that most of the throw-ins by Stoke's Rory Delap were taken when the ball boys gave him a towel to wipe the ball. Is this not ungentlemanly-like and in the law of the game to seek unfair advantage as the ball boys did not offer the West Ham players the towel for their throw-ins near goal?''

by Pete
06:58PM 14th Mar 2011

by J-Mo
03:55PM 14th Mar 2011
''I would say it was unbelievable that the officials allowed that second Stoke goal to stand, although after witnessing a very poor performance all-round from the men in black (or was it red and white?) yesterday afternoon I wouldn't have been surprised to see one of our lads get decapitated by a Stoke player and concede a penalty in the process! To lose a quarter-final is difficult to take, but to lose in the circumstances that we did yesterday destroys any remaining ideas of romanticism and fair-play that I have about football.''

by blimey
02:22PM 14th Mar 2011
''Agree totally with the comments relating to the match officating in the Stoke vs West Ham FA Cup game. Mike Jones and his team were terrible, both for and against each side, but the real blame has to down to the FA, the referees association and to Tony Pullis' coaching tactics, which leave much to be desired.''

02:12PM 14th Mar 2011
''Nothing short of a disgrace.

The worst thing was, every West Ham fan in the ground KNEW the ref was going to try and 'even it up'. Though, I don't think anyone believed he would go as far as he did to ensure that Stoke won the game.''

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