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Grant gone

Filed: Sunday, 15th May 2011
By: Staff Writer

Avram Grant has been relieved of his position as West Ham manager.

A brief statement posted immediately after West Ham's 3-2 defeat at Wigan on the club's website this afternoon read: "The club can confirm that Avram Grant is no longer the manager of West Ham United.

"First-team coach Kevin Keen will take charge of the team for the final home match of the season against Sunderland on Sunday 22 May."

The news was also confirmed by co-chairman David Gold via Twitter. "The board have made the decision to part company with Avram Grant", he wrote. "Kevin Keen will be in charge of team affairs for last game of the season."

It is understood that Grant received his marching orders as the players made their way back to the changing rooms following today's dismal defeat.

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by Niran Ade-Onojobi
05:23PM 16th May 2011
''Well this decision has come rather late. However it is still an excellent one. Big Sam has the tenacity required to tinker the team to immediate return to the Premier League and guarantee our position amongst the top elite of English football where we belong. We need to forget completely the disastrous era of Grant.''

by Iron man
03:22PM 16th May 2011
''Now all we have to do is STOP THIS STUPID move to the Olympic Stadium and make sure we keep the Boleyn Ground so we have somewhere to play that is not costing us a small fortune each week. SuGoBra will take this club to bankruptcy and nowhere to play unless we groundshare with Leyton Orient in 2-3 years time.

The Olympic Stadium move is now looking like a highly ill-conceived plan, pure pie-in-the-sky. Two men trying to punch well above their weight who see themselves in two years time hosting big events in a stadium that will be half empty for home games.

Gold and Sullivan only went for the stadium to stop Spurs getting it and that is not the right way for WHU. We are now involved in all manner of legal proceedings over this stadium, at a time when this club needs to be concentrating on getting promoted back to the PL, not spending money on legal fees and all the other things involved with that.

We need FIRSTLY AND AS A PRIORITY, to keep our RENT FREE stadium at the Boleyn, and that is a priority even before we think about promotion or an expensive team rebuilding! As soon as we are reassured WE WILL BE STAYING IN UPTON PARK, then all Hammers fans can get behind the new campaign to rid the club of Gold, Sullivan and Brady, because as we have already seen this season, no matter how much they say they love West Ham, these people have no idea how to run a football club!''

by w.jones
02:03PM 16th May 2011
''All we can hope is that the owners learn a lesson from their rediculous decision to appoint Avram Grant- a nice guy but rubbish football manager. I don't want another Chelsea reject - a Claudio Taglatelli, or a Roberto Spaghetti, the only foreigner in my opinion worthy of the job would be Slaven Bilic. I personally would prefer to see a steady, loyal, knowledgable Brit with grit, such as Hughton, or Chris Coleman who did a good job at Fulham.

These two goons (Abbott and Costello) should ask the loyal East End fans for their valid opinion about who runs OUR club. Money should not be God in this instance.There are certain things in life, such as family friends and east end spirit/loyalty, and fair play, that money should not be able to buy. They are sacred.''

by Andy T.
01:06PM 16th May 2011
''Finally a decision the two Davids have got right; just a piece of free advice:-
a) Think before you appoint the new manager - will they play the WHU way?

b) Get rid of the high earning posers, bring back some steel and passion!

c) Play more of the Academy boys and make Tony Carr joint assistant manager - he's our only success year on year! ''

by Haim Baram
11:05AM 16th May 2011
''It is not PC to maintain here that 'I told you so' and I refrain from doing it. Instead I have to remind myself and all of you, that West Ham had existed before Grant and will continue to exist in the future. I remember 1978, the way we defeated Newcastle United 5-0 in the old Division Two with Brooking and Devoshire shining and then the 1980 Final. We will be restored to our former glories and this is not the time to be negative. Grant will remain a nasty, shameful but forlorn memory.''

by J-Mo
10:31AM 16th May 2011
''I can just imagine the hastily arranged meeting at the DW yesterday: "We're sorry Avram, it's not us, it's you..."
Yes we've been appalling this season, and yes it's inevitable that the manager will carry the can for that, but we mustn't overlook the roles that the board and the players during this debacle of a season. All three parties need to stand up and shoulder an equal share of the responsibility for yesterday's relegation, it's no good sacking the manager and then continuing as though nothing has happened as we will never improve like that.

Time for the two Davids, plus Shady Brady, to show their commitment to this club by working like dogs during the summer to bring in the best manager available for our situation/resources and trying their damned hardest to keep the players who can bring us back up. The new manager needs to mould the new squad in his image like Pardew did when he took over, but the new guy needs to be given the option on keeping some of the better players where possible.

Houghton or Big Sam my tips for our next manager (Houghton to do exactly what he did at Newcastle last season, and while I loathe Big Sam and everything he stands for his style of football will get us out of the Championship).''

by montaz
10:20AM 16th May 2011
''I agree 100 per cent with bringing back Alan Curbishley and Mad Dog Martin Allen as his no.2.''

by gazza T
09:52AM 16th May 2011
''About Time... The Board took too long coming to a decision. He didn't even know who his starting 11 was. Get Martin O'Neil in and he'll get us back up within a season if the board actually give him the funds to go and spend.''

by shaun atkinson
09:09AM 16th May 2011
''Should never have let the two Davids take over West Ham. I wish that millionaire car racing bloke had got the reins. I do believe we would be in a better situation. I just hope we bounce back from this because I think we will struggle under these two.''

by Marc Roberts
08:21AM 16th May 2011
''Keen should be manager, claret and blue to the core. He worked with Lyall, Bonds, Harry, Franco, Pards. Knows all the players from the youth to the first team, knows the Championship. Knows the West Ham way, and has the respect of the players. Then again we could get another hasbeen. Give Keen his chance, before someone else does.''

by happyhammer
07:56AM 16th May 2011
''A decent man but the signs were there throughout the season. Looking back at Wally Downes constantly for inspiration is not the sign of a man in control or is particularly reassuring and what manager needs the 'non-captain' to motivate the troops at half time?

Gold and Sullivan have made decisions that defy belief and in all probability they would never have made at Birmgham. (How many times did they keep relegated managers and let them re-build?) On the plus side it gives us the chance to remove the over-paid dross.

Manager - Chris Houghton; First team coach - Paolo DiCanio.''

by Graham
07:19AM 16th May 2011
''Sorry to say this was coming. He should have gone at Christmas. No passion, no drive, no respect. The more I see of the board the more I fear for our club. ''

by Harryboy
12:47AM 16th May 2011
''Grant as the front man yes should take the blame. Players overpaid and poor. Upson went hiding against Bolton and left an inexperienced player like Tomkins to handle him - not the first time. Carlton Cole can't control a ball to save his granny. Most of the other players are average. Massive clearout not a problem as Parker is the only player who will be missed.

The most important thing is what the two (or is it three?) clowns are going to charge for season tickets next year. They have discounted a lot of games this season and I would like to know how that compares to a season ticket. My ticket was to see Premier League football, not substandard - therefore we should get a rebate under the trade description act. If they think I'll pay the same or more next season then my 40-odd year support will be just looking at the papers.

Sunderland next week? Forget it!

Oh by the way the clowns who own us bought 50 per cent then moaned about the fact they didn't know the true financial state of the club - well who saw the books before buying! They get the Olympic stadium and suddenly up their stake from 50 to 80 per cent. They think we're stupid!

They bought that club for one reason and one reason only, sell the club at a handsome profit after four or five years at the new stadium. The same reason why Stratford Hotspur wanted it: GREED!''

by Bill Riley
10:36PM 15th May 2011
''Finally. Way too late.''

by bob a west ham fan from ilford
09:55PM 15th May 2011
''I didn't think in my lifetime I would ever see a worse manager than Glenn Roeder, but I did. What were they thinking?

We'll be back; let's hope this time we learn from our mistakes.''

by russler
08:04PM 15th May 2011
''Good riddance....how he ever was given the job in the first place is still beyond me. Oh well, a nice pay off and back to his orange grove in Haifa, it's a hard life being a manager! Let's hope Brady & co follow suit.''

by Simon
07:25PM 15th May 2011
''I'm truly disgusted how they've treated this man. To sack him in this manner shows their true colours. Sullivan, Gold, and motor mouth Brady...be ashamed of yourselves!

Granted (excuse the pun!)...he wasn't the man to lead us to glory but everyone knew this early on in the season. But they used him to show the Olympic Committee that everything in the West Ham garden was rosy, the boat was steady, we had the right man at the helm, we deserved that lovely new stadium!

But they knew they'd chuck him overboard as soon as the deal was done. They couldn't even afford the man the dignity of seeing out the last game of the season! Good luck Avram, you'll be fine...and the best of luck to the so called 'supporters' Sullivan and Gold, you're gonna need it!!

And Brady...whoever she is, whatever she does or is supposed to do; we need another tunnel across the Thames, maybe your mouth is what we're looking for!''

by Tell it how it is Charley
07:22PM 15th May 2011
''If only we could sack an incompetent board. Grant still has three years of his contract left thus a very hefty compensation package - more debt for the club! Hoorah!

I bet a few hearts are pounding at Newham council with that 40m loan! Old Eggy promised a new glorious stadium and look what happend there. The writing's on the wall, the club are now so broke Kevin Keen will be the next West Ham manager!''

by g portugal
07:14PM 15th May 2011
'' This is a necessary good first step on what is a long road to recovery. Grant is a gentleman, with dignity, but he was out of his depth at West Ham and simply too nice a guy. The club needed a better tactician but more importantly a stronger character who could impose discipline on a group of players lacking in desire and courage.

Even following our 3-0 defeat at Bolton it would not have been too late to change things - had a change in manager been made even at that stage we might have scraped through. It is just a shame that the Board could not have been this decisive in January when it would have really made a difference. ''

by ulsterhammer
07:11PM 15th May 2011
''Too little too late - and what about the two Davids? You know, them two skinflints. Anyway, what's the point? I'm gutted.''

by Dave Silver
07:08PM 15th May 2011
''Too little too late as usual, D&D backed the wrong horse with Grant and now we are all going to pay for it. Time to rebuild, let's hope that D&D are the right people to do it and get it right quickly, starting with a proven but hungry manager. ''

by Chuffster
06:49PM 15th May 2011
''Hopefully to be followed by news that the two Davids and Karren Brady have all taken cyanide pills and bequeathed the club to Bill Gates...''

by jamie mark
06:43PM 15th May 2011
''It took too long to happen, Avram is the worst West Ham manager I have ever known. 433 is all he knows. Bring in Curbs, please.''

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