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Parker: let me go

Filed: Tuesday, 30th August 2011
By: Staff Writer

Scott Parker has handed in a transfer request in order to push through his move to Tottenham ahead of tomorrow's deadline.

The midfielder, who claimed he had to leave West Ham in order to continue being involved with the England squad - before being picked for two consecutive squads as a Championship player - handed in his notice this afternoon following another frustrating day in which the two clubs failed to reach an agreement over the terms of his transfer.

"I have had a fantastic four years at West Ham United and will never forget all the support I have had from the fans and everyone associated with the club," he told whufc.com.

"The manager and board have tried hard to convince me to stay but at this stage in my career, I need to be playing in the Premier League, especially now that I am involved with England.

"I hope the fans will understand and respect my decision and I wish the club every success in their fight for promotion this season."

However the signs tonight are that many fans are thinking the exact opposite and slamming the thrice-crowned Hammer of the Year for moving to one of West Ham's bitterest rivals, at a time when the two clubs are embroiled in a bitter legal wrangle.

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by dazza
01:33PM 31st Aug 2011
''Sky Sports report done deal...''

by Charlie in Busan
11:37AM 31st Aug 2011
''Bit shocked about all the negative comments. Players move on all the time. TC going to Everton, for example. He's always busted a gut for us and now has said all the right things at the end, been respectful about it (unlike the likes of Ince and Lampard). I'm gutted it's Tottenham, but if anyone honestly thinks that not playing in the Prem won't harm his England chances, they're living in cloud cuckoo land. I wish him well.''

by ctyankeehammer
08:48AM 31st Aug 2011
''The transfer request is certainly disappointing and the destination club couldn't be worse. Unfortunately, nobody better (or bigger) came in for him (I for one, thought Arsenal should have signed him). The club will go on and promotion is in our sights. Again, Scottie is not a 22-year-old with a long career ahead of him. He is a 30-year-old with one last real chance to make an impression in an England shirt.

He was full-hearted for the claret and blue. My favourite review of his performance (on this website) was after a 2-2 draw with Villa a few years back. "At full-time he went down on his knees, possibly looking for the one blade of grass he hadnít covered during the day."

And that was my view every time I saw him. He goes with best wishes for success, though less so for his destination team.''

by jak1935
07:42AM 31st Aug 2011
''Parker gone to Spurs. Fine, let him go without any fretting on our part. WHU have had the best out of him for the past four years. He's been good for us especially over the past two years when he was the mainstay. We would have gone down under Zola if had not been for him.

I don't think at 31 he'll be in the England squad for much longer; even shorter at Spurs (other than a bench warmer). I for one wish him every success, perhaps we'll wave to him as we go up to the Premier League and they come down!''

by Tony E
07:31AM 31st Aug 2011
''I believe Capello has been putting pressure on Scotty. It seems very likely that Scott was told that he would not be considered for a squad place at the Euros if he were involved in the play-offs - Capello took knackered players to South Africa and it seems that he has at least learned one lesson about English football in the last four years!

Plus he has family links to Spurs. Add to that the refereeing in the Championship (it's appalling, rough housing is generally allowed, and Leeds placed more than one studs up challenge over the ball against us) you can see why he feels that he needs to be in the Premier League to have any chance of the Euros. He is desperate to represent England at a major championship and this is his last chance.

Unfortunately, it won't make any difference. Spurs are a club in turmoil. Modric might still be there tomorrow which leaves Parker high and dry. He will only lose a little cash, but I doubt that he will see as much football. Maybe that is what he thinks he needs, a better chance to be 100 per cent fit in May. But there are a lot of names in the line in front of him for the holding midfield role and I don't believe that Parker has been anything other than a stop gap for England, despite deserving a starting place.''

by spence
11:18PM 30th Aug 2011
''Never understood all the fuss about Parker. Great levels of energy and commitment, but so he should on wages like that. Very limited as a player in terms of technique and intelligence and now he sods off to a club that has tried its hardest to make life hard for us. For the board to even THINK about doing business with Tottenham is almost unbelievable; just what is going on again?

For Parker to be termed a legend, as many have said over the last year is just a joke. Use the term legend for Mooro, Bonzo, Trev, Devo, Hursty, Alvin and the like, REAL Hammers through and through. Parker has simply done as the rest of the mercenaries have done - followed the dough and walked out on a club that thought the world of him.

Sod off Parker, and lets get behind the boys who WANT to play for us.''

by Edward cunningham
11:06PM 30th Aug 2011
''Leaving us was bad enough and joining Spurs was just a big f.u to all his West Ham fans, but the transfer request was totally uncalled for. Serves him right now if nothing happens.

Also, if we've taken less than £8m for him. G&S are going to be in trouble. Dealing with one of our biggest rivals and then underselling our best player?!''

by herohammer
10:51PM 30th Aug 2011
''This guy was amazing for us - hence why we voted him player of the year so many times and journalists Player of the Year last season. Let's be realistic, he's not Judas for leaving us, as we are now a Championship team. He's 30-years-old and aint gettin any younger. Although I hate Spurs, he wants to compete for the England set-up and the only true way he can do that is by playing in the highest tier of English football.

As a young supporter he is one of the best players I have seen wear the shirt. I believe this to be unjustified anger towards him.''

by Bazza
10:39PM 30th Aug 2011
''Let the man go with good wishes, he played better than any other player over the last five years and deserves to do what he wants. In my eyes, Parker was quality and a true professional, good luck.''

by kayahammer
10:04PM 30th Aug 2011
''P*ss off to a team bottom of the league. It proves he doesn't really give a sh*t about us. He's in Fabio's squad, yet he's still bleating about how Premier League football is needed for his England career.''

by WH Winegarden
08:16PM 30th Aug 2011
''All I understand is that players have no more loyalty to any team and that Parker, who claimed to be committed to West Ham is now being sold to a team that is trying as hard as they can to keep West Ham from progressing. I think both the player and the board are making a mockery of what it means, or used to mean to be part of West Ham!''

by Gregwhu
06:50PM 30th Aug 2011
''Loyalty has gone in this game. So he goes to Spurs and if he manages to not get injured, he might make a subs appearance in an England group game at the Euros. Too many egos nowadays. Bring back the likes of Brooking, Bonds and Devonshire.''

by Josh
06:32PM 30th Aug 2011
''That's a terrible excuse for wanting to leave considering that he's still getting picked for the England squad, but I don't think we can really hate on him after everything he's done at the club. It's disappointing to see him leave, but that's football.''

by 50pence
06:28PM 30th Aug 2011
''Not too sure why he'd want to go to a club that we're currently in dispute with! And handing in a transfer request?

Tut-tut.. typical modern footballer. As for hoping we 'understand' well we do. You don't wanna play for us anymore so bye bye Scotty, we are already over you!

Thanks for being the best player in the worst Hammers' team I've EVER seen!''

by lee hammer
06:19PM 30th Aug 2011
''We should dig in like they have done. He signed a long contract; if Spurs want him it's £8million or they can sod off. Don't know why he wants to go there.. oh, I forgot they need their bench warmed. Mind you, I wouldn't mind Bentley with £6million!''

by jtaylor
06:17PM 30th Aug 2011
''This is ridiculous. By all means let him leave if he's that desperate to go - even though he's been called up to the England squad again whilst he's still in the Championship, so his 'England ambitions' reason is a bit rich - just not to Tottenham. They've taken us to court, tried to take the stadium from us dishonestly and have tapped-up many of our players under Redknapp. The fee being quoted is £5.5million with no player add-ons anymore as Livermore has said he doesn't want to come. That is far away from the £7-8million previously quoted by the board.

I have backed the board up until now despite the views of others but this is just stupid. I thought Parker was a better bloke than this.''

by g portugal
06:15PM 30th Aug 2011
''For him to say that this about the England team is dishonest. Cappello has not, and would not stop picking him particularly if he was on a team that was headed right back to the Premier League in any case. And it is not about Champions League because let's face it, Tottenham are no longer Champions League material with or without Parker. Which is exactly why Modric wants out of Tottenham and why Nasri and Fabregas wanted out of Arsenal. Nor is it about cash,as it's blatantly obvious what a penny-pincher Levy is.

This is about ego. His ego is too big to cope with being in the Championship. Which, if that is the case, is his choice. But it is absolutely beneath contempt for him to use the England excuse. He has done nothing but alienate West Ham supporters for months now, starting when he was seen with Jamie Redknapp watching a Spurs-Chelsea game whilst still on West Ham's payroll. Great for team spirit that was - real class act showing untold respect for West Ham that was.

Good riddance.''

by Big Dave
06:08PM 30th Aug 2011
''I wish Scott Parker all the best with his move. I just hope that he has not colluded with Redknapp and the Spurs Chairman to move on the cheap. We have been good to him as a club and if Spurs have got him at a knock-down price then I believe that bad Karma will follow.''

by hammer lee
05:55PM 30th Aug 2011
''Great player - but a Judas. I hope he becomes a bench-warmer.''

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