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Statement on Morrison

Filed: Wednesday, 8th February 2012
By: Staff Writer

West Ham United have issued a statement after new signing Ravel Morrison was accused of making a homophobic comment via Twitter.

The 19-year-old former Manchester United youngster - who is yet to kick a ball in anger for his new club - is understood to have referred to an unnamed individual as a 'faggot', after he was abused via the popular social network by the keyboard warrior.

As a result, a number of sources - many of whom will probably have never heard of the player - have leapt to condemn Morrison for his comment, which it has been assumed by those sources was a homophobic reference.

This afternoon West Ham released a statement confirming that they would be speaking with the FA in due course. "West Ham United are aware that the FA have written to Ravel Morrison asking for his observations regarding comments on Twitter," it read.

"Ravel and the club will co-operate fully with the FA's request and have until Monday evening to respond. There will be no further comment from West Ham United or Ravel at this stage."

Faggot: the many meanings
(sources: dictionary.reference.com, urbandictionary.com)

1. A contemptuous word for a woman

2. A bundle of iron bars

3. A bundle of something

4. A ball of chopped meat, traditional fayre in Wales and the Midlands

5. An offensive reference to a homosexual

6. A stupid person

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by Guy
09:32AM 10th Feb 2012
''I agree completely with Dave. The word is offensive and homophobic; the fact that people use it as an insult does not excuse this but serves to ingrain homophobia in society.

For the first time I am ashamed of something written on the front page of this site. I'm sorry to say it considering how level-headed the authors of this site usually are, but this will make me think twice about continuing to pay for premium membership.''

by Rich
03:07PM 9th Feb 2012
''I think Dave is being a little harsh. I would agree that my first reaction was that it was homophobic, particularly having read the whole tweet in context.

I'm in an age group that would have assosiated the word with a chopped ball of meat, Brain's Faggots were a well known brand back then. The homophobic use of the word was mainly an American slang then.

It is right to point out that modern slang does use common words with a diferent meaning, as Chris points out. To say this site is devalued by offering many of the associated meanings is not entirely fair. That said, the Tweet is unacceptable and I think the FA will punish him.

My main concern is that Morrison comes with baggage and should keeping clear of anything like this. He needs to walk away from wind-ups or he will never be a pro let alone fulfil his promise. This is his last mistake. ''

by Chris
12:30PM 9th Feb 2012
''Wasn't there a case not so long ago where Chris Moyles was cleared of using the word 'gay' on the radio to describe something negative because it was felt the word 'gay' is now often used to mean something is crap? Is this not the same thing?

by Dave
10:40AM 9th Feb 2012
''Come off it. That word is primarily a derogatory reference to a homosexual man. That's the first meaning that will spring to mind for anyone I know, and I'm in the guy's age bracket. If you don't believe me then a quick listen to some mainstream rap music ought to confirm it (Eminem uses it frequently enough in precisely that way).

Whether or not he intended to be homophobic it is primarily a homophobic term. That doesn't mean the press are right to jump on the bandwagon and start accusing him of homophobia - it clearly has a broader meaning than the bare homophobic slur when used in everyday conversation - but producing that list of possible connotations in the order chosen above does a disservice to this usually excellent site.''

by John Smith
10:35AM 9th Feb 2012
''He is 19 years old! Lads of his age use the word all the time and I am sure they do not intend any insult to gays, he probably don not even realise the reference.

I often wonder why everyone is so super sensitive about these matters and create something out of nothing. Maybe it's because they are a breed who live a cosseted life and have not ever experienced real problems such as cancer, losing your home or wife etc.''

by Mick Whalley
09:48AM 9th Feb 2012
''Maybe the country is turning homophobic,
In an age when it is in fashion to be politically correct.

When even TV sitcom has to have an obligatory ethnic person and an equally obligatory gay person, where the singing of 'I'm dreaming of a white Christmas' is offensive and now calling a person a meat rissole is offensive.

I once ask a gay person why he fancied men when there so many beautiful women to be had. He repied its not my fault you are straight. Whats the world coming too, wasn't that offensive. I rest my case, leave the boy alone.''

by J-Mo
08:43PM 8th Feb 2012
''Brilliant, he's only been here a week (in which he hasn't played a game) and he's already making headlines for the wrong reasons.

While I suspect he was probably goaded into making the comment he must, like all high-profile Tweeters, know that his every post will be scrutinised for this kind of tabloid filler. Hopefully he learns to take more care in future.''

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