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The opposition view... Birmingham City

Filed: Tuesday, 10th April 2012
By: Staff Writer

A decent point is how most Bluenoses viewed last night's 3-3 draw at the Boleyn Ground - although West Ham's bombardment of City's penalty area in the second half split opinion...

"There's a myth that West Ham are rubbish long ball merchants. Let's kill the myth - in reality, they have a mid-table Premier League squad playing in the Championship and were very clever in how they moved and attacked the ball. I hope we don't face them in the play offs. If we do it will be tough. With that said, I couldn't believe Allardyce's tactical naivety in the first half. They played such a high line, with such slow defenders, that it was an accident waiting to happen. Glad we profited, before Fat Sam had a chance to change it round at half time. A very good point overall. We were battered for much of the second half and could easily have lost the game."
- Oscar_Wao

"I'm not one who really criticises teams for how they play but let's at least call it what it is. I know Sam gets very offended and can produce reams of statistical analysis to show what a managerial beast he is but basically - they humped it. I don't believe I've ever seen a team hump the ball more relentlessly than West Ham did in the second half yesterday. It was effective because they got a draw, but it was pretty Neandarthal. To try to analyse it and find something to admire about it is to give it quite a lot more credit than it really deserved. How they went about salvaging the game is fine, but let's not look for a scientific name for lump it, hump it and pump it football."
- Spike

"Hopefully we'll learn from that if we have to play them again. Sam's teams really know how to make the most of their approach. I'm not saying I'd like to see us do that for ninety minutes a week, but it's hardly senseless long balls forward. They force you back so far that you're basically playing on top of your own goalkeeper, and get three or four players into the area to take pot shots from the knockdowns. We could learn quite a lot from them about how to overload a team in the final minutes of a game. Good match, glad we held on, would definitely not like to face them in the second leg of a playoff game with a slender lead."
- Karim

"Well that was entertaining. Not sure how you can give a penalty for a ball being blasted point blank at you though. Dissapointed we didn't win at 3-1 up but still proud of the lads, a great point at the end of the day. You can tell Fat Sam's put his mark on their style, our defenders are going to have right headaches tonight."

"A fair result and a good point. It was a penalty because Burke put his hands up. Granted there was no actual intention to move his hands to the ball, but the hand movment was reckless - we'd have wanted a penalty for it! Despite thier first half mistakes, that was a better West Ham performance than we saw a few months ago and the pressure they put us under in that second half was quite impressive, if not particularly pretty. I'm sure they will be disappointed with not going up automatically, but on that second half display they will still be favourites in the play-offs."
- BlueBloodedBoy

"I'd have taken a draw at the start of the match, but with the score at 3-1 at half time its a disappointing result. Cracking game of football though, think I would have enjoyed it more if i was a neutral, nail biting stuff for any supporters! The performance was great in the first half, but the second half we simply couldn't cope with the pressure which i was particularly disappointed with. All things considered, a great point away."
- Archie

"I was p*ssed off at our 'Eck like' approach in the second half. But West Ham are very good at what they do; it's not something our players will have come up against very often and the sheer unrelenting, unyielding persistence of it, and having to cope with it and deal with it away from home at a hostile place... We did well in the end."
- Fat Buddha

"That match showed exactly why it is wrong for a team with 48 hours rest to play one with 72 hours recovery. I expected us to lose tonight and we looked very leggy towards the end of the first half and all through the second half. An excellent point from the lads."
- Brummie1875-KRO-SOTV

"I'd have taken a point pre kick off. I'm a bit disappointed we didn't take all three points but the play off position wasn't affected and once again we scored three goals. West Ham's first goal, poor defending from a corner. Cole was bound to score against us, he always does. The penalty? The ball definitely struck Burke's hand/s, whether it was intentional is another matter. Unfortunately we didn't create anything in the second half but a point is a point. IF we get West Ham in the play offs, they know we can score against them."
- plattypuss

"My main concern on the back of this is that West Ham gained an advantage in preparation for a potential play off clash. They will simply bomb our back line. For me Myhill just could not establish any aerial dominance to this tactic and only Davies could deal with it in the back line. We shouldn't park the bus from the first minute of the second half against them with their brittle home form and fans baying for Big Sam!"
- Tilts

*Comments originally posted at smallheathalliance.com and bcfc.freeforums.org.

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by stu
12:54PM 10th Apr 2012
''Brummies, you were battered for the whole second half and most of the first. We gifted you three goals, the story of our season. We should have had three penalties but once again only got one. If we do only make the play offs then I would be saying your prayers now 'cause you wont get a three goal start this time!''

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