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23,000 play-off Final tickets for sale

Filed: Saturday, 12th May 2012
By: Staff Writer

But you can only have one if you're a Blackpool fan...

According to the club's website at blackpoolfc.co.uk this morning, the Seasiders have sold just 16,000 tickets for next Saturday's play-off Final at Wembley - less than HALF their allotted number of tickets.

The Lancashire-based club, whose average home gate this season was around 13,000, have received exactly the same allocation as West Ham - a fraction under 39,000. As of this morning, Blackpool have failed to shift less than half of their available tickets - despite them being on general sale since yesterday morning.

The only criteria required to purchase tickets from Broomfield Road is that an applicant must have purchased a ticket from the club at one point in the last TWO years.

Meanwhile the scramble for tickets at the other end of Wembley continues this morning as tickets went on sale to West Ham United FC club members.

The club last night guaranteed a ticket for every season ticket holder and club member, although supporters have reported difficulties booking seats due to the sheer weight of numbers trying to purchase tickets at the same time.

It is understood that the only tickets now remaining are those in the lowest price bracket, 34. Any tickets left after the sale to club members will be made available on Tuesday morning.

In order to purchase one of those, applicants must have a recent booking history with West Ham - although it is thought unlikely that few, if any tickets will make general sale.

Should Blackpool relax the rules with regards to applying for tickets in their end therefore making them available to a wider audience we shall post that information here on KUMB.

Fair's fair? How the numbers stack up: 2011/12 season

Ground Capacity
West Ham United: 35,647
Blackpool: 16,220

Average Home Gate
West Ham United: 30,923
Blackpool: 12,764

Biggest Home Gate
West Ham United: 35,000
Blackpool: 14,141

Total Number of Attendees (League only)
West Ham United: 711,237
Blackpool: 293,573

Fill percentage
West Ham United: 86.7%
Blackpool: 78.6%

Wembley Allocation
West Ham United: In excess of 38,000
Blackpool: 38,545

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by Bob P
08:44PM 18th May 2012
''So as we all expected (except our many and numerous over-expectant friends above from Blackpool) - there are going to be thousands of empty seats at Wembley. ''

08:12AM 14th May 2012
''Shame we couldn't make it a proper game on and off the pitch this Saturday. Unfortunately Ollie's muppet road show won the day! Don't let us down though, we want our weekender at Blackpool next season! KRO! Good luck!''

by dsvbdibvid
12:12PM 13th May 2012
''From the Blackpool website it gives the impression that if you sign up to become a member for 3, you'll be able to get a ticket.''

by The Fish
09:55PM 12th May 2012
''Tickets only went on sale at Blackpool yesterday morning, so they sold 16,000 in one day. They will sell the full allocation over the next few days if the turn-out at the last play-off Final is anything to go by.''

by Kevin Taylor
09:23PM 12th May 2012
''Totally ridiculous. If Blackpool can only sell circa 20k tickets why not give the rest to West Ham? I have been about 20 times over the last two seasons, whilst this is nothing compared to a lot of West Ham fans I would be willing to bet it will be more than a number of 'members' that are guaranteed a ticket. I think we could have sold circa 60,000 for this one...''

by Mike Wright
06:14PM 12th May 2012
''What the article omits is that the 16,000 tickets were sold by Blackpool on the FIRST day they went on sale!''

06:08PM 12th May 2012
''How can Blackpool relax the rules? They have sold tickets to all parts of their allocation. 20,000+ sold now and they have not yet gone on general sale, the tickets will sell.''

by Aaron
05:12PM 12th May 2012
''As a Blackpool fan I can safely say we will sell all our tickets, as we did two years ago when over 30 thousand went to Wembley. There has been ridiculously long queues at Bloomfield Road and a lot of people put off by the thought of waiting hours for tickets again so our sales will be steady for the next few days. As you rightly put they have only been on sale since yesterday! Most of the people I have spoken to are going in big groups of 10 or more so can't buy them on Ticketmaster and have to get them from the shop. Yes our capacity is a mere 16k but the reason our average attendance has been less is because we have been building the new corner for the south stand and therefore the east was closed for a number of games. All our games have been a sell out or very close to it.

However - we are a small town with only three sides for a catchment area - the Preston side obviously draws their own fans leaving us with little more than farming areas towards the lakes and the town itself which is filled with Glaswegians, Mancs and Scousers. I can safely say the vast majority of 'sandgrownuns' will be marching on Wembley and we will be behind our boys hoping to get an upset against a strong West Ham side, easily the best team I've seen come to Bloomfield this season, but we will put up a strong fight and score goals - you just have to hope you score more - as Cardiff learnt two years ago.''

by Carl
03:21PM 12th May 2012
''Couple of things:

1. Tickets only went on sale at 9am yesterday and the 16k was reported around 6pm.

2. Ground capacity is not 16k... more like 14,300 (for the last few games) and was much less than that for 70% of the season. (about 13,700).''

by Lasher Mick
03:12PM 12th May 2012
''Not bad for the first day of sales was it, don't worry we will sell out just like two years ago.''

by Matt shaw
02:26PM 12th May 2012
''Blackpool sold 17,000 tickets on Friday, which was the first day they were on sale. Today being Saturday is the second day tickets being on sale. The fans were snaking round Bloomfield Rd this morning and also as we speak. I hope this clears a few facts up!''

by Richard Isherwood
01:26PM 12th May 2012
''Blackpool's tickets have only been on sale for one day. They sold nearly double what West Ham sold on their first day. It's arrogance like this that is going to cost you dear.''

by TangerineRob
11:41AM 12th May 2012
''I find it amazing that a little club like Blackpool can only sell under HALF their allocation for Wembley.

Only 16,000 sold in the first day is a very poor show indeed! I'm sure the Ammers must have missed a few digits off when their figure came out about first day sales... 9,000... surely that must have been 90,000 as everyone knows that they deserve the whole of Wembley being a massive club and all ;)''

by Poulton Tangerine
11:40AM 12th May 2012
''Your arrogance is unbelievable. What are you saying? That you should have more tickets simply because you have a bigger fan base? That's not how it works 'ammers'.

We have sold 16,000 tickets within six hours. The match is seven days away so we will sell out. ''

by Damian Feeney
11:21AM 12th May 2012
''Your sheer arrogance takes the breath away...''

by tangerine
11:19AM 12th May 2012
'' Yesterday was the first day we had tickets on sale and sold 16,000 so same again today and that will be 32,000 gone. You have a big support base but that does not give you extra tickets.''

by Blackpool Joe
11:01AM 12th May 2012
''You do realise we have sold 16,000 on DAY ONE? We will sell out, don't forget, we've been to the new Wembley a lot more than you ;)''

by James
10:58AM 12th May 2012
''I am a Blackpool fan. Our tickets went on sale yesterday only. We have sold 16,000 in one day. Give us until Wednesday next week before you start slagging us off. 16,000 tickets sold on a Friday. Yes Friday a day when people work all day and find it hard to get to the club to get tickets. Let's see how many we sell today shall we? ''

by TheOverWyreEweRooter
10:40AM 12th May 2012
''A bit of a moany missive, which unfortunately overlooks several relevant facts.

1) Blackpool's ground is currently undergoing redevelopment and part of it is closed, which limits attendances to 14,141, hence crowd size is dictated by how many away fans attend. Only Leeds Utd sold their allocation! Where were the Hammers?

2) Tickets for Wembley only went on sales yesterday to season ticket holders and members, so 16,000 sold to those only! They go on general sale today, and we would expect to sell them all.

3) Didn't you get equal allotment of tickets for your Wembley final against Liverpool a few years back? Surely you don't think you are a bigger club than them?

4) If you want to support a club where you are guaranteed to get match tickets, I would suggest you move to Preston.... They need all the help they can get.. :o)

5) See you at Wembley... I've got my ticket, and after watching Blackpool in all weathers, and against the likes of Maidstone, Barnet and Preston North End for the past 40 years, I reckon I deserve it!''

by Freddie1945
10:29AM 12th May 2012
''As a season ticket holder I went online just after 9.00 am on Wednesday to purchase a ticket and had no problems at all. By 9.10 it was all done.''

by Tangerine
09:51AM 12th May 2012
''Two years ago we sold out our allocation of 38k tickets. This year we will do the same. We really do enjoy playing against 'MASSIVE' sides, with 'MASSIVE' support who 'DESERVE' to beat us and when they don't it's because THEY played badly!''

by Moan, moan, moan
09:47AM 12th May 2012
''We will sell all our allocation if we sold 16,000 on day one.''

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