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Fans await response in season ticket row

Filed: Friday, 25th May 2012
By: Staff Writer

A number of supporters are awaiting a response from West Ham United having written to complain about the club's decision to renege on a promise to offer a 20 per cent season ticket price cut.

Back in 2009, under the former Icelandic administration - which retains around 40 per cent ownership of West Ham United - the club promised supporters holding season tickets for five consecutive years leading up to the 2012/13 campaign a 20 per cent discount.

However supporters were angered by a letter in their renewal packs which stated that instead of being given the reduction as promised, they were to instead receive just five per cent off this season - with a further five per cent for the next three seasons.

As a result a number of loyal long-term supporters have written to the club requesting clarification of the situation. For although the club's missive detailed the new five per cent offer, it failed to state whether the original offer remained on the table.

"Lying, thieving cheats"
- one angry supporter today

Speaking via the KUMB.com forum this afternoon, one angry fan said: " I kind of sympathise with them about the actual position they've been left in, but they have known about it for at least as long as the fans have and they should have come with a more imaginative alternative deal to get out of it.

"The information they have sent out is vague and misleading."

Meanwhile another supporter pointed out that the original offer of a 20 per cent discount may still be valid - although the club have failed to point out whether this is the case or not.

"The email is an attempt to belittle the status of the original offer," he said. "You will note that there are loads of insinuations and implications that the original offer is not legally binding on the club - notably where they say that they'll ensure that the new offer is legally binding.

"If the five per cent over four years suits you then feel free to accept it. If not, thank them for their new offer but tell them you'd rather have the old one that, despite their new offer, they are still legally obliged to honour."

However not everyone was against the club's stance - another KUMB member felt that the board were well within their rights to stagger the loyalty discount.

"I am in complete agreement that the whole thing has been handled badly," they said. "But this deal was put on the table by the Icelandic owners and I sympathise with the club for making the unpopular decision of trying to reverse the deal and making an alternative, more sustainable offer."

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10:14PM 25th May 2012
''I think that G&S have been fair and whilst mistakes have been made in terms of players and Avram they have been fair with the fans. It would have been easy to increase the prices to then discount them. It's going to be a tough season and we have to stick together. Look at what a season ticket costs at Arsenal or what QPR did this time last year to their season ticket holders...''

by JBNo1
07:45PM 25th May 2012
''Give the guys a break. They've anted up their own money to keep us going. I had forgotten all about the 20% discount and was happy that they had held prices this year now we're back in the Premier League.''

by cruisinghammer
06:13PM 25th May 2012
''Come on the two Davids, show some class and pay what's due in loyalty discounts to all those season ticket holders that qualify. When you bought this great club there were many issues including the ludicrous debt to Sheffield United that has to be honoured, you must have known of the promise of the previous owners and you simply have no choice. Maybe not legally but most certainly morally to honour their commitment.''

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