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Adkins on.....West Ham

Filed: Sunday, 21st October 2012
By: Staff Writer No.2

A subdued Southampton boss Nigel Adkins contemplates the aftermath of his side's capitulation at the Boleyn....

How do you assess that then Nigel?

Very quickly after the game, I thought we did alright in the first half. Coming away from home we know the threats of the West Ham side. I thought we coped with that very well. We kept good possession though I would have liked us to have passed it a bit quicker. You go in at half time 0-0 then you go out for the second half and within a couple of minutes you're 2-0 down. That changes the complexion of the game. I thought we got ourselves back into the game by passing and Adam Lalana scores a good goal and at 2-1 you're thinking "come on, game on we've got a chance here". The introduction of Lambert and Mayuka to come as well, which we've gone and done and then the killer blow comes with the penalty. That gives them the advantage again and after that we were disappointing.

In all honesty Nigel, without wishing to be cruel, some of that defending was woeful

We've obviously conceded some poor goals.

There was Rickie Lambert on the bench at the beginning which a lot of people will be talking about. What was the thoughts behind that?

I thought Jay Rodriguez did very well in the first half. We've got Jay Rodriguez, we've got Emmanuel Mayuka, we've got Rickie Lambert, we've got several players at the football club and for me as manager it's my responsibility with the group we've got to select from. Every will have a different opinion, everyone will pick a different team. Whether I start Ricky Lambert whether I bring Ricky Lambert off whatever team is selecte there will always be a decision about it. Ultimately it's my decision as manager to pick a team and the buck stops with me.

Artur Boruc made his debut. How did you assess that?

Well I thought he's come and caught a very good cross in the first half. I've put him in for his experience. He's been with us for just under a month now and he's been training very well. Coming to West Ham from the atmosphere we had last season we knew that it's a difficult place to come to. I must say that I thought we did well when we kept the crowd quiet. Artur's come and caught a very good cross. We knew that the ball would be put into the penalty area I must admit on the few occasions that that happened Artur's come and took it well. We defended a good high line. You talk about our defending - in the first half we kept a good high line and nullified their threat of putting the ball into the penalty area and kept good possession of the ball.

Nigel. you said after the first game of the season that it's a sharp learning curve for everybody at the club. Without being cruel, how long do you think you'll get to keep learning and teaching?"

Honest Answer? That's football. I'm being brutally honest with you. There's a vision at the football club to play a certain brand of football by passing the ball. There needs to be stability at any football club, that's important. I'm not too naive to realise that's football. Football's a results driven industry, We've got a process in place that we're doing our best to adhere to but you've gotta win games of football. You've gotta keep'em out at one end and stick 'em in at the other. On too many occasions this year in the Barclays Premier League we've not kept us out of our league.

Is it particularly frustrating for you given that you got yourselves right back in it there - at 2-1 you had the initiative didn't you?

Yeah, In your words we had the initiative at 2-1. We brought Lambert and Mayuka on as well. We had good possession of the football as well and you think "come on keep doing what you're doing and the opportunities will come as the game unfolds. Unfortunately the penalty changed the complexion of the game again. Goals change games and that's what's happened today.

Your defence has been highlighted time and time again this season. With the players you've got do you think you're fighting a losing battle in trying to keep the goals out?

Well we'll remain positive in what we do. We'll work hard on the training ground. Again the first half we did very well. Let's remember we defend as a team. Let's not highlight any individual. It's my responsibility and if anyone wants to point a finger just point it at me. At the end of the day we defend as a team and we attack as a team.

Did you have any complaints over the penalty decision?

I didn't see it where I was - obviously the ball was in the penalty area and I've not seen any video footage. The fereree's given it. When you look at the first goal on the big screen and it's gone straight in without anyone touching it. I would assume then that it must have been a direct free kick. Listen, referees give the decisions, we just have to abide by them whether we like it or not. That's the way football is.

(From a Japanese journalist)May I ask about Maya [Yoshida]. He played on the left today but he's been playing on the right. How did you assess him?

He did very well didn't he. Danny Fox was injured today so we played Maya in the left back position and he did very well for us. I thought he demonstrated again the versatility he's got not only to defend but also to go forward with the football.

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