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Doh! It's West Ham

Filed: Monday, 10th December 2012
By: Staff Writer

A banner featuring West Ham United's name and crest has been featured in the latest episode of hit comedy series 'The Simpsons'.

The award-winning cartoon, which has been running for more than 20 years and has produced in excess of 500 episodes featured the club's crest on a banner in the seventh episode - entitled "The Day The Earth Stood Cool" - of the current series, which was aired last night.

However the banner - which was featured in the bedroom of a one-off character named 'T-Rex' whose bohemian family become the Simpson's new neighbours - was oddly depicted in yellow and green rather than West Ham's traditional claret and blue colour scheme.

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by Sam Evans
02:08PM 11th Dec 2012
''I believe that the reason the banner was in Yellow and Green was to pay homage to Portland, which is where the Simpson's new neighbours are from. The MLS side Portland Timbers crest is Yellow and Green, so I think that would be the link.''

by WD
11:02AM 11th Dec 2012
''Brilliant! COYI.''

by Mitch Klinger
04:48AM 11th Dec 2012
''Colours being wrong = most likely the way animation works.''

by James Littlemore
09:24PM 10th Dec 2012
''OK - nerd mode on but I think this is to do with Harry Shearer (one of the voice artists) in the Spinal Tap classic comedy movie. As bassist 'Derek Smalls' I think he wore a West Ham baseball cap, and yet in another scene he wore a Shrewsbury Town shirt (in yellow and green). But then again, I'm probably reading too much into this...... I've got me coat. Jimbo.''

by Jussi's Giants
06:11PM 10th Dec 2012
''Green and yellow, yet there's a lot of claret and blue going on in that room.''

by Sean Whetstone
05:44PM 10th Dec 2012
''Matt Groenig, creator of the Simpsons is from Portland. The green and yellow them is from the Portland Timbers I am told.''

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