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Oops! Redknapp Q&A goes wrong

Filed: Thursday, 24th October 2013
By: Staff Writer

A live Twitter Q&A by Harry Redknapp went catastrophically wrong as the QPR manager was forced to faced a barrage of criticism on the social network.

Twitter users were asked to submit questions to Redknapp using the #askharry hashtag this afternoon. However there were red faces all round as instead of being flooded by questions on the Championship club, Rangers' Twitter team were largely inundated instead with comments criticising the former West Ham boss.

Whilst some were witty - as in the punter who asked Redknapp: "How crushing is it to know that Hodgson got the England job as he was the younger, more photogenic candidate?" - others referred to Redknapp's recent acquittal from his tax trial, such as the wag who asked: "Please can you help train my dog? I can't get him to sit, or beg, yet you got yours to open an off-shore bank account."

Meanwhile many more criticised Redknapp over his recently-published comments on Billy Bonds, which the West Ham legend dismissed as "nonsense" in an exclusive KUMB.com podcast earlier his week.

Read on to see the best - and the worst of the #askharry entries... To view the latest entries, which are still coming in, visit Twitter.

Whose idea was it to #AskHarry?

PK ‏@khakipillowslip: How does your dog remember it's PIN?

Paul Taylor ‏@nottmtails: I've dropped a load of pins. I don't want to tread on them. Can I ask about tacks avoidance?

Paul Browne ‏@Brownosleftfoot: Have you ever told the truth? Even once?

Mike Oxbig ‏@oxbig80: Would you ever sign someone who was none of the following: T'riffic lad; top, top player; real family man; a fantastic professional?

Disco Stu 68 ‏@Discostu68: Do you think Pompey will ever get out of the mess they've been in since you left?

cheese mouse ‏@_cheesemouse_: Is it coincidence the building you owned in Southsea burnt down after you were denied planning permission to turn it into luxury flats?

Peter Rainey ‏@Raineyballs: How can you relegate three different clubs from the Premier League and still be classed as a good manager?

Christopher Dalton ‏@CDalton2012: Was this Q&A session a better or worse idea than paying 12million for Chris Samba?

Alex J Beekmeyer ‏@Alexjbeekmeyer: Can you explain the difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance?

@L ‏@pSyLOnsBoy: Is it true you've done more damage on the south coast than Hitler ever could?

Andy ‏@dddyhx: My mate constantly refers to you as a "Wheeler Dealer". What does he mean by that?

Jon Giles ‏@JonnyGilesFav: Have you sacked your public relations officer yet?

On Billy Bonds

upthehammers ‏@reid7919: Why did you stab Billy Bonds in the back? #BackStabber

Allan Van Leer ⚒ ‏@vanman0: How does it feel to be publicly bitch slapped by West Ham legend & ex-mate Billy Bonds?

Charlie ‏@CharlieSteelWHU: Are you scared that one day Billy Bonds is gonna turn up to your gaff and just give you the one bang?

Michael ‏@SantoDomingos86: Are you gonna set your dogs on to Billy Bonds?

Chris Jose ‏@CJv3: I need a good instrument to cut a steak. Can you recommend a good knife, like, where did you buy the one you stabbed Bonzo with?

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