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The opposition view: Stoke City

Filed: Monday, 3rd November 2014
By: Staff Writer

According to the vast majority of Stoke fans, they should have taken all three points from Saturday's 2-2 draw with West Ham. Here's a selection of their thoughts in this week's OV...

"I'm all for refs giving an advantage for a few seconds but no way should playing an advantage absolve the ref from giving a card. If it had been an dodgy yellow then I could understand him not going back and giving the card but, to my mind, [Alex Song's challenge] was a clear red and he should have sent the player off. West Ham going down to ten men would be part of the benefit we should have got for the attempted GBH on Diouf. The fact that Diouf managed to get out of the way is neither here nor there - if a player can be sent off for aiming a punch and missing (and they can) then a player can be sent off for a two footed, off the ground, challenge even if the opponent gets out of the way."
- Lakeland Potter

"West Ham's defence gave up 21 goal attempts to us. They are fifth. Our so called poor defence only allowed the team in fifth two shots on target. I think criticism of our defending has more to do with some people's desire to see a return of a previous regime and a much more limited brand of football."
- roylandstoke

" That is a red card challenge all day long and had it been a "big" club on the receiving end they would have been apoplectic with rage. Just because Diouf jumped out of the way, doesn't mean it wasn't a foul. It was a foul and it was a red card and in all my years of watching football I have never seen an advantage played from a red card challenge. Anyhow, having let play continue, once again we are witness to a catalogue of errors. Their second - What a goal to give away and the main culprit is obviously Moses who has abandoned his defensive responsibilities and stood and watched Downing. However, if we are honest, once again, Begovic could and should have done better and I think his immediate reaction to the goal proves that. EDIT - having watched the first goal again, Foy doesn't play advantage. There is no arm movement to indicate an advantage. He simply didn't see it as a foul which makes the decision even more ridiculous."
- davejohnno1

"For the first time this season there was a clear game plan, based around pressing high up the pitch and quick passing and going forwards. I don't remember a boring centre back to centre back passing sequence at all. After Wednesday I would not have gone with Bojan but I was proved wrong on that. So well done, Hughes. However Big Sam changed things at half time and Hughes failed to respond, so marks lost for that. And he must take some responsibility for the gung-ho approach that allowed West Ham to score their first goal."
- reddipotter

"We are shocking defensively nowadays, how easy do the opponents just walk through our defence now? West Ham were awful I thought and we've thrown away the game again. Without Shawcross we would be a laughing stock and concede even more. Excellent performance from the guys but conceding these easy goals is a joke and needs addressing."
- borat

"Absolutely nothing wrong with the starting 11... I have no problems with the way Hughes set us up today. Yes, we contributed to our own downfall in the way we conceded the goals but, until West Ham's first, I thought we put in the best hour of football since Hughes became manager. This was a top four side (on current form) made to look very ordinary for over an hour and we should have been three or four up before Foy's generosity in not stopping play for Song's challenge gave West Ham a chance which they accepted, thanks to our loss of concentration. But, all in all, Hughes will feel that he has a lot of positives to build on."
- Lakeland Potter

"Allardyce's version of a 'new style' is the same as Pulis's was: Buy better strikers. I don't really see how they are much different to what they were before? We dominated possession, they played a lot of long balls, brought on Carlton Cole to have a fight with Ryan, wasted as much time as they could and so on. Their best player today was James Collins. The only difference from the old West Ham is 1) Better, quicker players up front 2) Song in midfield (although he wasn't anything special today) and 3) Downing is going through a (very) rare patch of form, which is sure to end in the next few weeks. I reckon their bubble will burst soon enough. They will make top ten, and so they probably should when you look what they have spent, but all this stuff about Champions' League is a load of nonsense."
- philm87

"Two shots, two goals. Geoff fell to pieces after their first and let their winger cut in time after time. I know it's not his natural position but all it would have taken was a tackle to put the ball out. Instead it gave them confidence going forward. I forgot how much an Aladyce [sic] team cheats and wastes time. "
- Chum Guzzler

"I'm the most gutted I've been in a long time after that. We played well, and I mean really well. We created enough chances to win half a dozen games, the players worked their collective bollocks off and we still only come away with a point. Lessons need to be learnt from that. We CAN'T keep spurning chances like we do. Diouf played well and got his goal, but ultimately should have had a hat-trick. Again, missed chances have cost us valuable points. It's been said before, but when teams create pressure against us, there's usually a goal coming, whereas we seem to have to write a 6,000 word dissertation to the footballing Gods before they'll allow us to hit the onion bag. We can point at the referee all we like, but we HAD to be winning that game today on the balance of play and chances. West Ham had ten minutes of pressure all game and scored two, and that's the difference. Today we should have won, pure and simple."
- bettyswallox

"I think we're all truly disappointed we didnt get the deserved three points even so, to my mind, after being so royally entertained by such an encounter, my view is: criticsm should be put aside and all twenty odd players congratulated for putting on such a fascinating game. One funny incident after the game: a bunch of West Ham 'Wannabees' come lolloping down the path from the away end to where hundreds of stokies were queuing to cross the railway bridge. West Ham fans were 'giving it large' to the tune of 'we're gonna win the league' 'gonna win the league 'etc. Immediately anything between about 200-500 Stokies of all ages and persuasions turned around and as one, simply - laughed at them --- priceless!"
- ukyestoney

* Comments orginally posted at oatcakefanzine.proboards.com and eighteensixtythree.proboards.com.

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