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The opposition view: West Bromwich Albion

Filed: Monday, 18th September 2017
By: Staff Writer

A bunch of Black Country folk somehow mustered enough enough enthusiasm to comment on Saturday's bore fest at The Hawthorns.

Check out the Albion fans' view of Saturday's goalless draw with West Brom in the latest OV...

"Well, another Saturday afternoon wasted. My condolences to those who actually paid to watch that. You have to ask whether it's worth being in this league if this is what we are having to put up with?"
- wba_1996

"West Ham came here with absolutely no intention to play football, we started wasting time from about the 30th minute, the referee was garbage, we couldn't string five passes together, we can't attack against nine defenders. Hegazi looked clueless for the first time and Evans, for all his pros, is the worst culprit for smashing the ball forward to nobody. Foster, in the last two games has looked dodgy. His time wasting is absolutely infuriating."
- PsalmXXIII

"Sadly my five-hour round trip for today's game has taught me that the summer additions to our side have simply increased our chances of avoiding relegation: I was mistakenly thinking the money was being spent to try to progress our side upward towards the top six. For example, Foster time-wasting on 88 minutes. We should be looking desperately to beat a team that is clearly going to finish in the bottom six, not merely content to consolidate our mid-table position. We now have quality players - we should have more ambition than this."
- garry

"We played some decent one touch stuff at times but the ref killed the game, constant blowing up and West Ham taking an age to get back up meant the game couldn't settle. Poor game from both teams but thought Barry and the Pole grew into the game, Gibbs looked good. Chadli in instead of Morrison next game and a bit more intent."
- boingboing1989

"A poor game. Both sides just cancelled each other out. Positives were that we were a lot better than last week (small crumb of comfort I know) and we defended well. Only playing two defensive midfielders meant we had a more attacking line up, sadly that didn't translate into a more attacking display. When we did get in the final third too many passes went astray. It shows why we should have got another striker in during the transfer window."
- Hull Baggie

"Absolute garbage, no way can I watch anymore tripe like that. The bloke needs to go and now before any more damage is done, no one is going to go to watch that. Really can't believe people still back him, even after today - 'well, better than Watford'..."
- kirk

"An improvement on the Brighton game but that wasn't exactly difficult, nonetheless a clean sheet. West Ham were the better team but fairly poor themselves, against a better team we'd have lost today and we rode our luck at times. That said the ref helped nobody with his constant fouls for very soft tackles/dives etc. I'm still not convinced by the Polish guy but so far I think Gareth Barry has been our player of the season and it's no surprise that we've had a few clean sheets with him in the side."
- WBArgo

"If we no longer matter as the club has enough money rolling in from the Premier League gravy train, what happens if this dire football we have been watching for most of Pulis's reign continues and we happen to get relegated? He's already slowly killing off the away fans, and if we did go down I'm sure the same would happen to the home fans. Other teams are staying in the Premier playing watchable football, so why not us? We have the players to do it but all they seem to be trained in is defending. Anyway, I'm just an old geezer who's loved going to The Hawthorns and seeing them give the opposition a game, win or lose."
- pensnett stu

"An awful game of football. Nothing more to be said."
- LiamTheBaggie

"Last couple of seasons had been about steadying us, job done. Dawson is the epitomy of that, a centre half playing right back, however he has his limits and for us to progress you want somebody at right back who offers more. Start of the season we moved Dawson to centre half and he was playing well, Nyom plays his actual position of right back and plays well, yet within a few games we have switched round for no apparent reason. I thought Hegazi bottled it a bit against Carroll at times today, would of been ideal at half time to put Nyom on and move Dawson to centre half. You could tell first 45 minutes West Ham offered very little (nor did we). Whether it's instructions or the team just playing poorly, we look so limited when we go forward yet on paper there are some talented individuals. We are a work in progress though so lets see how we fare over the next month or so."
- Albion79

"Spare a thought for me. I could only follow the game on ticker text on my football app. It showed us getting a penalty in the 90th minute..."
- costa blanca baggie

* Comments originally posted at westbrom.com.

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