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The opposition view: Chelsea

Filed: Sunday, 10th December 2017
By: Staff Writer

Welcome to your latest edition of the OV, where we find out what the opposition think of their latest meeting with West Ham.

This week, it's our friends from the Bridge, hot on th eheels of another defeat at the Olympic Stadium. The bitterness runs strong in these ones; expect strong language throughout.

"The dust has settled this morning and I hope some people get a grip. Calling for Conte's head is absolutely crazy and I know it is only a small minority. Mark my words, we can get back into this title race, its unlikely but it is possible. 5 of Contes 9 losses have been against London rivals, it just shows you we have it harder than most. Playing away at Palace and West Ham is harder for us than most, its not acceptable both performances against them but WH played for their lives yesterday, they are a joke of a club who treat this as an FA Cup Final, we are bigger than them and always will be so f**k them, they are are joke of club with sh*t fans so f**k them, we move on to bigger and better things while they fight relegation, lets all hope they go down."
- mullincfc

"Cold day, early kick off, players just weren't up for it. Embarrassing to watch."
- Zeta

"Greatly disappointed at losing this match, however life doesn't always run smooth. We must man up, take it on the chin and move on and plan our sweet revenge. There's a good chance that spammers (as we know spammers always turn up for London Derbies) will beat the arse in the Carabao Cup and we ( if we can get past Bournemouth!) get drawn to play spammers in the semi final and "smash em good and proper" and then we go onto to smash man ure in the final at Wembley! Come on the Chels..."
- Maidstone Blue

"You can put the blame on Conte, you can put the blame on the board and our summer signings but come on guys and ladies do any of us really believe they have the required impact to cause us to lose and play THAT abysmally to garbage like palace and west ham? Did the the team picked not have enough quality to win? Surely they did right? So just not enough fight or care. Seems to be a repeat issue with our players every few seasons or so..."
- axman2526

"Crikey....guess what, it was a derby, they got the early goal & were smart & disciplined in protecting their lead in conditions to suit. We're a bit thin squad wise - have been for some years & we'd played mid-week. This 'crap' side & 'poor' opposition perspective...I mean really. They're in the EPL, there's no love lost between us & under Moyes they're now having a go - look at their effort against City the other week - not too shabby. Get some perspective for f**k sakes."
- youlots

"That early goal for West Ham killed us, giving them the chance to focus 100% on defence for the rest of the game, which they did very well. I'm not sure if we were just knackered or if West Ham were really that good, but we looked completely non-threatening going forward. My family is split between Chelsea and West Ham, so losing to these c**ts feels particularly personal to me."
- bluedave

"We lost to David Moyes. Take that in. Tripe."
- Luca Vialli

"Palace game all over again - f**king embarrassing. We made West Ham look good and one of the best defences around. Now watch them go and get battered in their next 5 games. Get them all in for extra training all over Christmas, 'cos that performance was f**king inexcusable. We could be playing into 2018 and we wouldn't have scored. I'm seething - ruined the weekend."
- Nibs

"Obviously the Premier League season is over for us. I really had high hopes tonight that we won't go down to the second worst team in the league particularly after we went down agains the first worst team. However, it did happen and our season is over. I was hoping despite our inconsistencies that we could keep it together and since the Mancs were playing tonight in their derby, our incentive to keep alive was our lifeline. It wasn't meant to be. I really doubt I will have any further interest in our team going forward and most likely won't be as enthusiastic as before."
- bloodyfool0

"Congratulations to West Ham, they were better team today."
- Topico

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