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The opposition view: Huddersfield Town

Filed: Tuesday, 16th January 2018
By: Staff Writer

Welcome to the latest (slightly-belated) edition of the OV, in which Town fans opine about Saturday's fairly crushing defeat at the hands of Moyes' marvellous Hammers...

"We had a collective off day. This happens and is not significant in the long run. Wagner made a mistake here and Pritchard should have been on from the start. Moyes had obviously done his homework well, but Pritchard was an unknown quantity to him as a part of the Town setup and we should have taken full advantage of this. Losing 4-1 at home to WHU doesn't mean certain relegation any more than winning 4-1 at Watford meant we were on for a top half finish."
- ixion

"If we have to finger point, plenty of players made costly errors. First goal, Lolley and Lossl; second goal, Zanka could win his header but Arnautovic's skill and strength is too good for Smith (or any Town player). Third goal, VLP for running into blind alley, Hogg for headless running around and Smith for leaving Lanzini on side; fourth - Schindler for getting rolled on the half way line. We played poorly (but were worse against Chelsea and Burnley) however the difference was the two lads West Ham had up front, who capitalised on pretty every error."
- HuddsTerrier

"They started with Lanzini playing off their striker. We started with Lolley in the same role. Tactics or not, that's a massive difference in quality."
- Terrier

"I’m not sure today’s defeat can be attributed to players having an off day. I think it’s something to do with our tactics. There’s no middle ground in our play. If we concede, more often than not, we go gung ho. Today at 2-1 we shouldn’t have panicked. We should have remained calm, been diligent at the back and probed at West Ham. The last 15 minutes is when we should have gone gung ho, ensuring we were still in the game up until that point. It reminded me of Bournemouth and Birmingham away last season when we went far too gung ho and got picked off with devastating ease."
- TerrierBlog

"The basic requirement for teams to be able to progress or survive at Premier League level are skill, intelligence and to be able to execute a workable game plan. Sadly (or worryingly) none of the above mentioned were in abundance against the Hammers and what we witnessed was nothing much more than a set of upmarket Championship-quality Town players struggling badly, especially in defence, to compete with some of the more decent players in this division. The amount of room given to the West Ham players was very worrying to say the least. I just hope that the new arrivals can add a bit of spark to the team."
- Sugy

"Sometimes, there are days when you have to take it on the chin. They had a bit more quality than us and they look a good, fit, well-drilled, and well coached side. I though their front two and Noble were very good and I thought that Obiang was exceptional in the second half. I cannot see them going down. The goal immediately after half time killed us. We switched off and forgot the basics and, just like against Man City, we paid a very heavy price. We looked shell-shocked after that and West Ham sensed it and capitalised. Small margins and all that!"
- longdistancerunner

"We can just about cope with a couple of players off their game, but when we have literally eight or nine well below par, we'll get a spanking. And that was the problem today. The 'keeper had a shocker, Smith had a shocker, Zanka, Schindler and Malone were all poor. Hogg had a shocker, Ince, Mooy and VLP were lousy. Depoitre did well but with not a lot of service and Lolley was lousy until he scored. All in all a shit performance against a side that wasn't that great, Arnautovic appart. He was great and our CBs couldn't cope with him at all."
- Captainslapper

"Lössl should do better at his near post. Smith cannot defend and just isn't good enough. Zanka absolute crap today, too dithery. Schindler made one mistake. Malone weak and erratic. Looks scared of getting hurt. Hogg did ok, too much going wrong around him. Mooy crap and has been for weeks, needs dropping. VLP has the skill but slows the momentum every time. Lolley didn't deserve to be subbed. Ince piss poor. Anyone who Cruyff turns into his tackles needs a rocket. Depoitre flogged for 90 minutes today. No service = no hope. Kongolo and Pritchard showed more assurance than the other 11 put together.
Autopsy done."
- Team Wagbo

"We lost because they had a manager who was positive, running around and we had a manager who stood in his technical area arms crossed. No positivity."
- softboy

"I've had doubts since last season that Wagner is really as good as the reputation he has built for himself. Didn't we actually finish the season lower than when he took over? My doubts are that he not up to the job tactically. Even when things are not going well he seems reluctant to change tactics. As someone else mentioned, playing out from the back is all well and good, but when it's done as slow as we play, we rarely pose the opposition any problems. In fact we quite often give ourselves problems when we lose the ball while still in our own half or even our own third of the pitch. If we don't try something different it's even money we'll be relegated. After all I think we were jammy to be promoted in the first place, but now we're here let's pull out all the stops to stay here."
- pixie

"Spineless, gutlless, beaten before a ball was kicked, embarrassing. Oh and to bring the most gifted footballer we will have at our club on at 4-1 down. A motivation masterstroke. Fuck me. Look, we have done so well so far but equally, we are allowed to call a day for what it is and that was unacceptable. Tactics to win (not), team selection, entertainment (zero). All wrong. We move on."
- morleyterrier

"It was very alarming as to how we just gave goals away. However I will say that West Ham have real experience and quality in their side. If it wasn't for a terrible manager they would be the best of the rest. They were very very well organised and just cancelled us out. First half was drab but you could see a few times that it was only a matter of time as they just lacked that final bit of quality. A bad day at the office, but I think this further shows the gulf in class and just how well we are doing so far."
- nuro

"I know I’m probably in the minority but I really do rate Moyes. I would even go as far as saying he is a tactical genius. If he had been kept at Man U then they would be far better off than they are now. Moyes had crap players and the club cocked up all their transfers that year leaving him to dredge the barrel and go for players he knew he could get. I hold no shame in our team losing to his. Wagner is brilliant and has transformed our club, he is fantastic but he is still unproven. To survive with this level of team we need to be resilient and effective against their tactics. This is where Wagner has still to prove himself, however, I do think he is a good learner and we will get there (hopefully before we are relegated)."

"Moyes got his strategy bang on for the second half. Defended deep but left both Arnautovic and Lanzini as an out-ball and they tore us to pieces in turn. Noble ran the midfield. They are a good side, Lanzini was able to spin off our defence at will. We had no answer. That said, I thought the first half we were fairly comfy, aside from the disaster of their goal and I saw one of the best Town goals I can remember."
- mrsoft

"West Ham had a lot of good players today. Lanzini was great up front and Noble was good in midfield. A better player than I thought. Collins was also very solid at the back. We were poor, but West Ham were good. Strong, quick and very skillful at times."
- AndyCWright

"I'm glad someone else noticed Noble was absolutely superb for them. Slowed the game down when he wanted. Big mention to Arnautovic too, ran the line brilliantly. If his general attitude was better he would be playing for a top six side all day."
- Stone island 1

"Fair play to West Ham. A great team effort and we couldn’t touch Lanzini and Arnautovic."
- Mr X

* Comments originally posted at downatthemac.proboards.com.

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