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The opposition view: Shrewsbury Town

Filed: Wednesday, 17th January 2018
By: Staff Writer

It was another great effort from League One Shrewsbury as they came within minutes of forcing a penalty shootout against West Ham at the OS last night.

Read what the travelling 3,000 though about West Ham and the Olympic Stadium in the latest edition of the OV...

"Everyone connected with the club, management, players and the fans should take a bow and be extremely proud of making a Premier League squad (net worth of £220 million) look ordinary. I keep reading comments from West Ham fans saying how dire both games were, but credit to the players who hunted in packs and closed them down every time they had the ball. We took it to them, and what a great signal of intent when PH took off a defender for an attacker, we went for it! We deserved penaltlies and would have been a great match up between JH and Deano, the young pretender, it wasn't to be. The stadium looked great walking up to it, but its not a football stadium, too far away from the action for me. "
- paulshrew

"Town worked incredibly hard , we were organised and hard to break down all of which are factor's as to why we are having such a good season. It took a Premier League team 202 minutes to score past us. Hart made a good save, but should Payne have done better? All credit to the Town fans who could be heard so clearly, hope you did not get too cold."
- zenfootball2

"Some real fighting spirit. We gave the Hammers a scare and took them nearly to the wire in extra time. We now need to recover and have the same fighting spirit for Saturday."
- zenfootball2

"Payne missing that one-on-one chance was very unfortunate. But well done everyone...a magnificent performance. Hope PH gives them the day off tomorrow. They deserve it."
- northwestman

"Just got back. Really proud to be a Town fan tonight. Hard to be disappointed after that effort and the way we played. In first 180 minutes of the tie, Deano had one save to make. Would be wrong to name players on a night like that. Would say James Bolton's goal line clearance has to be seen to be believed. Would be surprised if we finished outside top three if we keep playing like that."
- MartinB

"Unbelievable effort by the team, apparently Mark Noble went over and applauded the Town fans, nice gesture. Need to make sure we follow this up with a win on Saturday."
- callum

"Tremendous goal line clearance. We have a real team playing for us - top notch everyone of them. Proud to be a Salop fan. PS. We complain about New Meadow but I'd take it everyday of the week over playing in an athletics stadium. How weird is the seperation between the two tiers of away fans?"
- loyalshrew

"London Stadium? No thanks! Does not feel like a football stadium at all, people on the food (if you can call it that) counters look like they've just left nursery. More road closures and footpath closures than I've ever seen in my life and more horse s**t about than super blues way. Let's get back to league action as soon as possible , wouldn't rush to that place again."
- bobbytheblock19er

"Due to all the bad reports and warnings [about the OS] I was pleasantly surprised. No doubting it looks impressive from outside. Walked to the Craft Bar at Hackney Wick, which was great and a very friendly experience. Took our seats and the view was much much better than I expected. Totally let down however at half time when the crush in the bar, food and toilet was awful. No way could the limited facilities cope with 3,000, it was unsafe and hell to try and get through. Wouldnít rush back."
- davycrockett

"Disappointed, but an excellent FA Cup run and showed what a superb team we've become. Hats off to the players and management. To play in a stadium like that must be what most footballers dream about, so hopefully they can see if they stay with us then that's the future!"
- champagneprince

"Much like the game at ours, I was a bit disappointed we didn't make more of the period where we had them on the ropes in the first half, but beyond that it's difficult to be too critical after such an effort. For the second time in two weeks, we made them look thoroughly ordinary. The London Stadium was a predictably odd place to watch a football match, and the South Stand-sized gap between the upper and lower tiers was something I'd never realised was a thing until tonight. Great to see the upper tier standing to a man though, when wad the last time that happened? Cracking selection of bars in the Hackney Wick direction too, I'd forgive our sh*t new stadium a lot more if we had that quality within a 10 minute walk."
- Bob Rickerton

"Great effort and commitment from the boys who deserved a penalty shoutout. The game itself was a dire affair with very little Cup magic. Canít argue that itís fantastic to have made a decent West Ham line-up look awful for 220 minutes though. Watching football there was just as crap as reputation suggests - a mile from the action and didnít really feel like you were ever involved in a football match."
- shrewswolf

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