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Owners panned for lack of long-term plan

Filed: Tuesday, 4th September 2018
By: Staff Writer

West Ham's Board have once again been accused of interfering in the club's recruitment policy - just a matter of weeks after hiring Director of Football Mario Husillos.

Despite hiring new manager Manuel Pellegrini and new recruitment-orientated staff, such as Husillos, during the summer, Sullivan and his Board stand accused of continuing to influence transfer policy.

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One unnamed source, speaking to the Daily Mail, insisted that little had changed at the club despite the arrival of Pellegrini and his team.

"They have a handful of scouts and no target lists," said the source. "The transfer policy seems to stem from the same four or five agents calling David Sullivan and telling him what he needs.

"I've not come across a Premier League club like it for sheer lack of football infrastructure. The Premier League income affords them this way to try to buy their way out of trouble; the rest of Europe just laughs at this kind of thing."

Following a pitch invasion during the 3-0 home defeat against Burnley back in March, Sullivan - who was previously in sole control of the club's transfer policy - promised to hire experienced staff to replace him.

Yet it is maintained that the club's largest shareholder - who the Daily Telegraph suggested this week had overseen "eight years of wayward ambition" since purchasing the club in 2010 - remains very much active in the club's transfer market moves.

The newspaper's Rob Bagchi laid into Sullivan and fellow leading shareholder David Gold for a lack of clarity with regards to the club's transfer policy, despite the pair having sanctioned around £100million of purchases this summer.

"They have invested but in an incoherent fashion over the past eight years," wrote Bagchi. "It seemed like a whimsical approach: if the manager was in favour that week and really wanted a player, he would be bought.

"They have rarely bought young players or, like Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal, flipped any for considerable profit apart from Dimitri Payet whose departure they felt helpless to prevent.

"It’s a new chapter for West Ham, one that has shown hints of promise despite the poor results. It also represents a last chance for Sullivan and Gold to prove that they are not just good at business and bad at football but have the discretion and fortitude to establish the club at a rank that matches their aspirations."

"No long term vision for West Ham!"
The KUMB Forum's 'TtS' has his say on the situation at West Ham.

"There is no long term vision for West Ham. The owners have never had one. No style, no plan, no theories, no continuation.

They hire a manager, they get bored of them so sack them and then they hire the most famous available manager who might be up for it. Regardless of whether or not his style suits our players, our traditions or our fans. We are run by people who think they know best.

Anyone who thinks Pellegrini is part of a long term plan is wrong. He’s part of a short term plan to make David Sullivan as much money as possible. That is the West Ham way now.

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We play in a soulless stadium to a procession of different managers, each with completely opposing footballing styles and ideals to the last with a squad that couldn’t possibly be suited to any of them because the manager changes every 18 months and every year we get a little more left behind by other clubs who have ‘a philosophy’.

Don’t buy into the ‘Director if Football’. Everyone who we signed this summer West Ham would have arrived whoever our manager was. Husillos is here to have dinner with his mate every night and to earn some pocket money.

We probably need relegation but i know it won’t help. We have owners who can’t tell the difference between what Barry Fry does and what Marco Silva does.

They have no concept of the expectation of getting a squad of underperforming players to go from being rubbish for Bilic to then being mediocre under Moyes to then being asked to do whatever Pellegrino is now asking them to do in less than a 12 month period.

They have no concept of what a football stadium actually means to people and worse, they don’t actually care. They just ask Brady what the bottom line is and then to make them rich.

I truly wish I didn’t care. But sadly I do.

I have no answer or suggestions. We might stay up by the skin of our teeth. But I know that Pellegrino won’t be here for long. We’ll bring in another manager who will play a different formation with a different style and we’ll spend even more money on shiny forwards that don’t even scratch the surface of our problems.

Our club is rotten, our players don’t try, we have no stadium and the current playing staff and coaching team offer me no hope of improvement. Or maybe I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Cheer me up, someone."

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