Inflation-busting season ticket price rises announced

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  • Tuesday, 12th March 2019

The price of a regular adult season ticket at West Ham United is set to rise by more than FOUR times the current rate of inflation*.

Yet the biggest increase has been reserved for Under 16s season tickets, with Band 1 options rising by a whopping 91 per cent.

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Season ticket prices for the 2019/20 season were released by West Ham on Tuesday, with price increases being incurred across all areas of the ground bar those in Band 5 - the cheapest available seats in the stadium.

For adults the rises range from 8.1 per cent for those in the 1966 seats to more than 11 per cent for Founder members situated in Band 4. However Band 5 season ticket holders are once again exempt from any increases.

Season ticket prices for next season (2019/20) are as follows:

Founders (ie. supporters who held a Season Ticket in the 2016/17 season)


For comparison purposes, this season's season ticket prices (2018/19) were:



The rise in costs for Founder season ticket holders, represented by the above tables, are as follows:

1966: 8.1%
Band 1: 8.4%
Band 2: 8.2%
Band 3: 9.3%
Band 4: 11.22%
Band 5: No rise

Over 65/Under 21
1966: 8.1%
Band 1: 8.9%
Band 2: 8.7%
Band 3: 8.2%
Band 4: 10%
Band 5: No rise

Under 16s
1966: 8.1%
Band 1: 90.91%
Band 2: 76.7%
Band 3: 51.52%
Band 4: No rise
Band 5: No rise

* The current rate of inflation in the UK is 1.9 per cent, recorded for January 2019.

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